Unit 6 project

by kaia tupinio

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was a divine authority to spread the continent to the pacific ocean. All these people were going west for many different reasons. Some were going west for the gold when the gold rush came. Some people were going for settlement, all the new land. People also went because they climate was better there. Some wantd more space, and some wanted riches.

Trails west

The California trail was used to get to the gold during the gold rush. The oregon trail was used to get to California and for land. The Santa Fe trail was used for trading with others. The mormon trailwas used for religous purposes and land
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Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas after Mexico gained Independence from Spain in 1821 and the empresarios or also known as agents were hired to bring settlers to Texas. Then the battle of Alamo happened and the Texans held out for 2 weeks, but eventually were all killed including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. The next battle was the battle of San Jacinto and Santa Anna's army was surrounded at their camp. They were quickly defeated quickly by Houston. After the battle Santa Ann was captured and forced to sign a treaty gaining Texas for independence.
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Mexican American war

General Zachary Taylor was sent to settle the dispute and offer to buy New Mexico. Then Mexican troops attacked Taylor's troops near the Rio Grande, and Polk declared war. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo increased the United States by 25%. This treaty also ended the war. The Bear Flag Revolt was when the Americans declared Californa independent of Mexico. Gadsen Purchase was the agreement bewtween Mexico and United States for Mexico to get 10 million dollars and tUnited States got the rest of Arizona and the rest of Texas.
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Levi Struass

I have just opened a Goods Store out in California. I can over look everyting that is going on during the Gold Rush. So far I have noticed that most people are struggling. There are many people that are barely making enough to survive. Some find just a bit of gold and it ins't enough, because then after that they don't find any. Most people come in and give a brief story of why they are here, because there are many reasons you could be here. Most people are just here to "get rich quick".
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