April Newsletter

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Spring is here!

So excited to finally have nice weather to take the kids outside. Spring is always an exciting time at ACP. Soccer shots will begin Thursday 4/8 with Coach Frank. See the sign up sheets in the office or log on to Soccer Shots of the Lehigh Valley (embedded link underneath paragraph) and choose our school to register. April 15th is our Kindergarten Bake Sale. Since our kindergarten class is so small this year, we are requesting help from other classes to make it a success. The kids look forward to setting up, running the sales, and of course eating the goodies! Our sales benefit the Kindergarten class where Miss Megan purchases supplies/toys/games/centers that they may need. The sign up sheet is located outside the kindergarten classroom! Thanks in advance for making this a success!

May is our busy time here. Appreciation weeks begin! This year National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6th. Student Appreciation Week is 5/9-5/13 and we ill end that week with carnival day for the kids. Last is Parent Appreciation week 5/16-5/20 and as always this ends with our annual ACP Center BBQ for families! Sign up sheets and RSVP's will be posted at the end of April! This is always a great turnout and lots of fun for families and teachers to get together outside of the classroom. Since our BBQ's can range from 125-250 people, its a giant group effort and we appreciate all he help we can get to make it run smoothly!

Please remember to goto our website if you need to update your emergency contact. You can type the information in and print and sign. Also, child health assessments are located there too.

Infant I

April showers, sure have been the case lately. All of our babies, are really growing like the grass outside, they are getting big so fast. Infant 1 will be celebrating two new Birthdays soon. Blake will be turning one on April 25th and Rylee on May 2nd, both of them are moving out of our room in the middle of April. Way to go you two, You will have a lot of fun with Miss Laura and Miss Stephanie. Good Luck we will miss you. Our other itty bittys are doing great as well,some of them are discovering the wonderful world of eating, they love cereal with their bottles. Caleb is our newest little guy, he is fitting right in and is getting , quite the head turns from the girls , he and Arteen love the attention, while playing on the mat. Katherine and Vera are beasties and love hanging on the mat together, gossiping about those boys, they are too funny.

May flowers will be here before you know it, Everyone have a great April.

Ronda, Amanda & Jenna

Infant II

The month of March has come to an end and we are ready for the warm spring weather. We hope to take the class outside more now that the temps will be warmer. They miss running and playing on the playground. Though the weather is beginning to get warmer please remember to dress your child appropriately and make sure they have a jacket and shoes. Everyone is growing up so fast. We like to remember back when some of our kids had just turned one and were so little and now they are talking and singing at circle time and ready to learn more. This month our friends Brooke, James and Jaxon are graduating to Toddler 1. They are ready to learn and play with the big kids. Check out our daily activities list to see what we are learning each day. Our themes this month will be April Showers, Frogs, Earth day, and Gardening. Just a reminder to parents to check daily reports from Tadpoles for special notes and please take sippy cups home every day, nap sheets and blankets home every Friday. This helps keep our kids healthy! Any questions or comments about your child's day never hesitate to ask. Enjoy the spring weather!

Miss Laura & Miss Stephanie

Toddler I

Dear Parents of Toddler 1,
We are welcoming our new friends Jaxon, Brooke, and James to Toddler 1! The first week of this month is our sports week! We will be talking about baseball, bowling, football, basketball, and soccer. Our 2nd week of April will be all about fruit! This week we will be talking about oranges, bananas, apples, berries, and end the week with a special friendship fruit salad! The 3rd week of this month will be all about our planet Earth and Earth day! We will start the week out by creating Earth hand art then we will use coffee filters to create our planet out of water colors! The rest of the week we will talk about seeds and planting them as well as recycling! We will end this week with Earth day activities! For our final week of April we will be talking about April showers! This will include clouds, rain, rainbows, mud, and finishing with flowers! Our letter for this month is the letter "E" and our author of the month is Sam McBratney! As a reminder to all parents we ask that you please bring in a change of clothes for your child and sunscreen now that the weather is on the warmer side! Thank you and we hope you all have an awesome month of April! ~Ms. Heather & Mr. Steve

Toddler II

Spring is here finally and hopefully the warm weather that comes with it. This

month we are going to be learning about Seeds and how they grow. We will be

planting our own little garden. We will also be doing a full week of our families

culture. Which we will end with food from our different cultures. Then a week of

insects and bugs…ewwww. We will finish up the month with a week about the

Safari. It's going to be a fun and exciting month. We need to say goodbye to three

of our friends Ben, Madden and Lyla will be moving to preschool. Good luck kids

you will be missed. We would also like to welcome four new kiddos from Toddler

1. Welcome to Susan, Gavin, James and Lainey we are so excited to have you in

our classroom. We would like to wish Evelyn Happy Birthday, her special day is on

the 10th hope your day is great. We would like to remind our old parents and let

our new parents know that we go outside everyday weather permitting. So please

bring in appropriate clothing for your child's cubby. Also, please have extra

clothing in your child's cubby if they are potty training, accidents happen. Thank

you to all the parents for their generosity during our special parties, we truly

appreciate all you do for our class. Hope everyone has a great month.

Thank you, Ms. Jodie and Ms. Tami


We had so much fun in March celebrating St. Patricks Day and Easter. We learned about different types of weather and seasons. We are so excited to learn new lessons in April. Miles Harris, Jaxon, and Nickolas will be moving up to Pre-K! We loved having you in our class and we will miss you so much! Good luck! We will be welcoming Ben P, Lyla, and Madden into our Preschool room! Some of our lessons this month will be talking about rain and doing experiments to learn where rain comes from. Also we will be talking about pond life and create our own pond with frogs, ducks, turtles, and water lilies! Earth day is April 22, we will learn about the earth and discuss ways we can help the earth everyday. We also will be learning about symmetry and drawing a self portrait! We will continue learning our sign language, this month we will be focusing on food signs! Signing time is Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday so remember to ask your child what signs we worked on! Friday the 8th will be pajama day, we will be having popcorn and a movie! Parents please remember to label all items: food, cups, clothing, etc. Make sure cubbies have weather appropriate clothing and extra clothing in case of an accident.

Brittany, Kristilynn, and Akua


We won't let April showers stop all the fun planned for Pre-K this month! We have four new letter friends that will be visiting us this month, Mr. H, Mr. M, Ms. A, and Mr. B. Mr. H will be teaching us healthful habits. We will be graphing how we get clean, making a healthy collage, exercising, and discussing different healthy food/drink choices. Mr. M loves using his 5 senses to learn. We will be exploring through our senses throughout this week as we make scented paint, play a what do you see game, and graph how we use our senses. Ms. A will be teaching us all about feelings and shapes. We will be reading books that talk about different emotions, illustrating and discussing how we feel, and having a shape scavenger hunt. We will wrap up the month with Mr. B, he loves to share. We will be reading the rainbow fish and discussing how it makes us feel when others share with us. Mr. B also likes counting, we will continue to work on identifying numbers and counting.
Earth day is on April 22nd, we will be talking about ways we can keep the earth clean. We will learn about what can be recycled and what should be thrown in the trash.
Pre-K is welcoming some new friends in April. Miles, Jaxon, and Nickolas will be joining us from Preschool.
We will be celebrating Isabella's birthday on the 25th, Miles's birthday on the 27th, and Jaxon's birthday on the 30th. Happy birthday friends!

<3 Miss Josette and Miss Kelly


Happy Spring everyone! We certainly got a lot of learning done in March. Here’s just a small sample of what we’ve been up to in Kindergarten:

We worked on short i and 0 word families in March. We practiced spelling, reading and writing these words. We also learned about digraphs – th, sh, ch and wh. And at the end of March started learning about l blends. The kids really enjoy the songs and alliterations that go along with these blends and digraphs! The sight words for March were: he, she, will, has, day, new, plus plenty of review of older sight words. We played oh no, sight word ut oh! (hangman), mystery word and practiced spelling them while doing movements and reading these words in silly voices. We have also been doing center time at least 2 times a week! We have been working very hard on writing sentences the past few weeks. Everyone has a writing folder in which to keep all their writings organized. Some of them have been writing short stories even! Remember, we spell phonetically!

As for math, we worked on money almost the entire month. The class can identify the name and values of the penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Everyone worked hard on counting these coins also. I allowed them to use real money as much as possible while they were learning. We sorted money, fed coins to the mighty mouth, played I like money and played other fun games. During our time working with money everyone had a money cup and earned money for good behavior. At the end of our money unit everyone visited “Miss Megan’s Store” and was able to buy some fun things with the money they earned. We are now currently working on telling time to the hour and half hour. We’ve been doing plenty of number sense activities as well as math journal entries.

We have some new friends in our classroom! We have 10 cute caterpillars! The kids have been keeping track of their life cycle in a book and are anxious for them to become butterflies. We also have a nest of praying mantises. We have to wait a few weeks for them to hatch and we will release them outside almost immediately. This year for the third time we have lady bugs too. So we’ll see how they go!

The kindergarten bake sale is on Friday April 15th from 3:00-5:30 outside the front entrance. There will be a sign up sheet outside the classroom door shortly. If you have any questions please let me know. Also, make sure you stop by and buy lots of goodies! Don’t forget to tell your friends and other family members!

The end of the school year is coming! We’ll begin practicing for graduation shortly! Please remember that graduation time has changed. It is still Friday June 10th but the time has changed to 3:00. That day is also a day care day – if your child attends they need to be picked up by noon so the room can be set up. I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone! Keep an eye on your child’s folder for important information about this special day to begin coming home!!

Miss Megan