Raven Hoggard A2

Climate & Geographic

-Winter are very long and cold. January average temperature is 27F. Summers are very short but hot. July average temperature is 64F. Along with the winter snow normally last for 100 days.

-Sweden has many rolling hills, rivers, and lakes. They provide a good water source.

Food Production

Sweden's land and climate makes it easy for them to provide and produce food for themselves. The weather is just right for their seasonal food. They have a flat land surface to grow heir fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural Products

-Fila (Yougart)





Population & Language


Area sq. mi:173,860

Language: most people speak Swedish or Dutch.


Their are various religins that are practice in Swden such as Roman Catholic, Muslims, and Jewish. None of these religions affected what they eat.

Customs & Beliefs and Holiday Celebration

-Sweden have different events compared in the U.S.A; they having naming ceremonies which is a party/gathering that involves new borns and their parents inviting friends/family to give suggestions on what to name the baby and why. On Easter kids go door-to-door to pass out easter cards an collect candy.

-On June 20th, its a national Sedwen holiday (like our indepependence day) whe people have big picnics,barebecues and a parade.

Major Foods & any other important/interesting facts

Major food or spices they usually use in their food are dairy products, salt, and they eat a lot of potatoes.

Some other intresting facts that i found about Sweden is that asking for more food is impolite, leaving food on a plat is impolite especially if your a guest, also each guest personally thanks the host after each meal.