Jaguar Journal

Week of 9/1/19

Important Events for the Week:

Monday, September 2nd:
  • No School - Enjoy your Labor Day!

Tuesday, September 3rd:

  • I/A Schedules due to Trygar

  • Staff Meeting after dismissal in the media center

Wednesday, September 4th:

  • Planned Fire Drill

  • Grades 3-5 Author Shannon Hale (9:00 AM) in the MPR

Thursday, September 5th:

Friday, September 6th:

  • National Read a Book Day. Let's ignite a love for reading! Carla, Eddie, Mandy, and Kaitlyn are excited to come into your classrooms to do a read aloud with your students. If you have a book you'd like to be read to your class please let us know. Otherwise, we will bring a favorite to share! Here is the read aloud schedule. We have planned to come during your i/e times. If this time will not work for you, please let us know.

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • 3rd Grade BOG is September 12

  • EC PLC after school on September 12


Second Step: The district has provided each elementary school teacher with a Second Step curriculum kit. These materials are research-based and are shown to have a positive impact on student learning across subjects. Here you can find a brief 5 minute video that provides an overview of the curriculum and a few tools that will be helpful to you as you embark on teaching Social Emotional Learning through the Second Step materials. As you will hear in the video, it is important to plan with your administrator on the specific roll-out and timeline of teaching these units. Please add second step implementation to one of your upcoming PLC agendas.

Discovery Education: The representative at Discovery Ed said that the best way to access our account is to use and NOT the Discovery Education website or the app on our Clever accounts.

Digital Resource Survey: We only have 12 responses on our Survey about what digital resources NCE should purchase. Please click here and take the survey if you haven't done so already. The deadline for responses is next Friday, September 6th.

IStation: We are still planning to start assessing using IStation. The BOY window is the month of September. Please remember to model the assessments with your students daily the next two weeks. We'd like to start assessing Monday, September 16th. If you feel your students are ready to assess earlier, go for it! Here is the powerpoint shared at training if needed. If you are still having trouble accessing the modeling component, please contact Mandy.

PLCs: We will be starting PLCs next week! They will not be extended. Here is the PLC schedule, which can be found on the master schedule. Here is the PLC folder we will be using to access our agendas and grade level documents. Click the NCE PLCs 2019-2020 folder to access your grade level folder. Agendas are already created for next week. Please discuss with your team if you have any other items you'd like to add to the agenda.

Mini Curriculum Maps: There is a mini digital version of our curriculum maps linked on our staff page. It is called CCS Dual Language at a Glance. It has the new standards for each unit for each grade level, as well as a link to the storylines that were written last year. This could be a quick reference to use when planning. Also on this document are links to the "New" BUF folder (which is currently empty) and the "original" BUF folder. All the original BUFs are in the folder. However, remember that almost all grade levels rearranged standards for the units, so if you are going to use old BUFs, make sure the standards are the correct ones. If the standards are different, then just use the BUF components that match the new unit's standards.

Lunch: Please adhere closely to the lunch schedule. Running late causes a domino effect.

Dismissal Teams: We would like to create a more organized and closely monitored dismissal procedure. Each classroom teacher on a team needs to be responsible for walking a group of students to their dismissal location to ensure they are in a line, walking quietly and arriving at the correct dismissal location. Please discuss with your team who will be walking the car riders, the bus riders, the YMCA after school kids, and late bus. If you have 5 teachers, 2 should be walking with the biggest group. Please complete this Form and let us know which duty each teacher is taking.

Planbook/Planning: Everyone should now have an account in Planbook. Please make sure you have your plans posted in Planbook weekly. Last year, many grade levels planned together and had a Google document linked into Planbook. We want it to work for you! However, we need to be able to find plans for all classrooms in one place. Please see Mandy if you have questions!

PTA/Parent Teacher Partnership Mark your calendar for a PTA interest meeting next Tuesday, September 10th at 5:30 before NCE Parent Teacher Partnership. All parents and teachers interested in having a positive impact at North Chatham are welcome. Parent Teacher Partnership will take place Tuesday, September 10th from 6:00 - 7:30. We will begin the evening with an introduction to all NCE staff and a word from the PTA in the Multipurpose Room from 6:00 - 6:25. The first rotation for time in classrooms will be from 6:30 - 6:55 and rotation two will be held from 7:00 - 7:25. Please come out and join us for an evening of collaboration! Pizza will be served in the lunchroom beginning at 5:45.

Snacks: Please remember that snack time should be a working snack time.

Read/Understand NCE Handbook: All staff need to read the NCE Staff Handbook and complete this google form by 9/7. Completing the Google form indicates that you have read the NCE Staff Handbook and do not have any questions. Please see Carla or Eddie if you have questions.

Teacher Evaluation Information/Plan:

  • Always work to get the green checkmark for each task.

  • Orientation - please use the following date in NCEES for our staff orientation - 8/29/19

  • Please complete your orientation by Tuesday, September 3rd.

  • Please complete your self reflection by Tuesday, September 10th.

  • PDP's will be due the end of September. We will discuss as a PLC/group.

PDP Goals:

  • One as PLC using 18/19 Reading Data

  • One other by choice (bridging, technology, restorative practices, etc)

Rubric Self Reflection Support

Think of the following when doing your self-assessment (a bicycle analogy):

Developing: You get on the bike, know that you need to move the pedals to make the bike go, but you fall almost every time you try.

Proficient: You can get on the bike and ride it a short distance though it may be wobbly or you ride a further distance but you don’t ride often.

Accomplished: You ride your bike to work without thinking about the gears, pedals, etc. at all and you ride the bike every day the weather permits.

Distinguished: You ride your bike to work every day the weather permits, without thinking about the bike and you give riding lessons to others.

Duty Schedule for Next Week

Here is the afternoon duty schedule for the second week of school. Please remember all hands on deck!

PM Duty


Hatcher, Harrington, Lien, Young, Teague, Layman, Rockett


Depietro, Rowland, Spencer, Maul, Sylvestre, Evans, Gendron, Pegram, Wheeler

Front Busses

Rife de los Santos, Negroni, Knaus, Torres, Membreno

Announcements: Membreno

Hall Duty: Rockett