Miss Herrera's Newsletter

Stay Up to Date with Our Second Grade Success!

Up Coming Events

Holiday Store Opens- Monday, December 7th- 11th

PBIS-Batman Bingo- Friday, December 11th

Holiday Celebration- Thursday, December 17th

Early Dismissal-Friday, December 18th

Holiday Store Opens This Week!

This week the students will be able to buy items from the PTA Holiday store for gifts for their family members. Each student is allows to bring an amount of money to shop. Tomorrow an envelope will be sent home for the students to put their money in we will be going to the holiday store on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Adding Two Digit Numbers

Our current math unit is still adding two digit by two digit numbers. We will be working on this unit all week, they will have homework on Tuesday. I have moved the test to Thursday, December 10th.

Story of the Week

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Story Concepts

  • Fact and Opinion
  • Inferring


High Frequency Words

  • neighbor
  • hours
  • money
  • clothes
  • taught
  • only
  • question

Amazing Words

  • unusual
  • scientist
  • original
  • process
  • research
  • opportunity
  • accomplish
  • excel

Grammar Skill-am, is, are, was, and were-

The verbs am, is, are, was, and were do not show action. They show what someone or something is or was. These verbs are forms of the verb to be.

Phonics List- Comparative Endings

This week we are going to be studying comparative endings. When you add an -er to words when you compare two things. Add an -est to words when you compare three or more things. We will make out phonics list will be sent home on Tuesday!

Below is a link to a website called Spelling City, that can help your child practice their phonics list by using a computer, tablet, or phone. You can download the app for free!

Social Studies

This week we will be continuing our Social Studies Unit discussing U.S. Symbols. We discuss the importance of the Liberty Bell. We are going to test on this unit on Friday. I will create a google doc that you can use to help your student study for the test by Wednesday.

If you student wants to view the Statue of Liberty live again!


There will be math homework Wednesday. Be sure to practice phonics list nightly and share the joy of reading with your child by reading with them!

Have a great week!