My Career Profile

Career - Helicopter Pilot - Bion Little

Reasons for choosing this career

My grandfather always told me that I will fly when I was older and I love flying.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

1. A responsibility is to be able to fly a helicopter. This Includes taking off, flying, and landing during anytime of the day.

Typical Day of Work

2. A typical day would include going to work, taking tourists on a tour of a city or attraction, flying to another city, or many other activities.


Transferable Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Judgement
  • Active Learning
  • Active Listening
  • Coordination

Job Specific Skills

  • Operation and Control
  • Operation monitoring
  • Instructing
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Decision Making

Personal Qualities Needed

Dependability, Attention to detail, Self control, Stress tolerance, Integrity, Independence, Physically healthy, Self-sufficient, Seeks responsibility, Low tolerance toward personal imperfection


Support, Independence, Recognition, Achievements, and Working Coordination

Working Conditions and Risks

Helicopters are very safe to fly and fly in. It's more likely to be in a car accident or domestic accident .

The Average rate of illness or injury is around 200 out of 274,915

Typical Hours are 3-7 hours at anytime of day.

Education And Training

Activities that could help me prepare are researching flight school and learning about training programs.

Post secondary Courses include attending flight school with FAA certified flight instructors.

Three Schools of which I can receive a pilots license are Sky Helicopters Inc, Vertex Aviation and Salaika Aviation. The Course will last around 55 weeks for 2 hours a week from $165-$200 an hour. The total cost will be around $12,000 - $23,000.

Salary and Benefits

The Salary range is $59,681-$130,201 a year. Entry Level will Receive around $59,681-$71,343. Mid Career level will receive around $71,343 - $108,256. Professional level will receive $108,256 - $130,201.

Benefits Include one or more of the following:

Social Security, 401K, Pension, Disability, Healthcare, time off and bounces.

Occupational Outlook and Assesment

The demand for this job will stay around the same area or increase slightly within the next few years.

Three employers in the local area are Air Methods, DynCorp International, and the National Guard.

The Aspects of this career seem to fit my personality perfectly. My traits fit with the recommended/normal ones of a pilot, and I have a passion for flying. From all of my research I have yet to find a bad match between my personality and the personality wanted for helicopter pilots.