Denver Broncos



The book is about the history about the Denver broncos and how the team all started. The book takes place from 1925 to 2014. The team would settle in a stadium inn Denver called Sports Authority stadium other wise known as mile high stadium. They started out as a very poor and had some fans but not a lot because of how much they were losing due to bad coaches. But then picked up a new coach and then they had an all star QB (quarterback), his name was John Elway.
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Broncos without Payton Manning?

This is about the broncos without there starting QB Payton Manning

The Elway Errer

John Elway was one of the best QBs in the game known as football. He won one 1 super bowl with the Denver broncos the only team he played for before he retired. But Payton Manning was also one of the best QBs and he still plays for the NFL and he has one 1 super bowl as well as broke the all time passing yards.