Life and Family Services March 2019

Monthly, Recurring Donors Needed

We are so very grateful for our generous donors! In fact, we couldn't do what we do without YOU.

However, there are times that we struggle to meet the needs of our clients -- not because of a lack of support -- but simply because that support doesn't come at the right time.

Just like a traditional business relies on customer sales and transactions, our ability to meet the needs of our clients waxes and wanes depending on the donations we receive each month.

And right now, the need is urgent.

That's why I am appealing to you to consider making a monthly, recurring donation to Life and Family Services.

Doing so will not only help us to meet the current needs of our clients, but it will also help LFS plan and budget for future needs. Below is a table showing what a difference switching to monthly giving could make for Life and Family Services.

To make a monthly, recurring donation, please visit our website at http://www.lfsfamilies.org/donate.html

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PEERS Partnership Benefits Students

Life and Family Services has been involved with PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) which involves high school students presenting information to middle school students on various topics to help them handle the challenges facing them.

Korynn Freels has been leading this program at East Noble High School, working with high school students to develop information to present to 7th and 8th grade students at the East Noble Middle School on topics such as social media, cyber bullying and low self-esteem related to social media use. Other topics focus on relationships, pregnancy, STDs, drugs and alcohol.

Middle school students participating feel this material is more relateable coming from students who are close to their own age (their peers – thus the program name). The majority of the high school students currently involved in the PEERS program have joined because they enjoyed the program and benefited from it when they were in middle school.

This school year, 60 high school students have taken on the role of a PEERS leader. Presentations are given in the fall and spring. Last fall, a post- test was given to each student participating to see what they learned from the PEERS presentations.

For the 7th grade, 70% indicated they were able to make healthier decisions regarding relationships, dating, risky behaviors, and future goals. This was a 9% increase from the pre-test. 71% of 8th graders felt after the presentations they would be able to make healthier decisions regarding teen pregnancy, STDs, and drugs. This was a 20% increase from the pre-test.

Life and Family Services is blessed to be a PEERS partner. Educating students and helping them understand the importance and long-term ramifications of making healthy choices will help them be successful as they go through their journey called life.

Fairy, Gnome and Troll Festival

Saturday, May 18th, 10am

Kendallville, IN, USA

Kendallville, IN

Life and Family Services will be at the festival, serving up Troll (pork) Burgers for your pleasure! Be sure to stop out and see us!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Porkburger Sale!

Our Porkburger Sale is coming up on April 26 & 27 at Kroger in Kendallville. Volunteers are needed, and advanced orders are accepted! Contact us today to get signed up! It's a fun time...and the food is pretty good, too!

Meet Staff Member, Samantha Baker

Before coming to Life and Family Services, Samantha worked as an elementary school teacher for 31 years. Working here is something she always wanted to do, and she loves the way we help families through education and relationships.

Samantha, the mom of 2 grown sons (and a daughter-in-law!), has been married to her husband Greg for 33 years. They love to travel, especially visiting those out-of-town sons! When home, Samantha enjoys knitting, gardening, reading and painting, and loves to learn new things. Samantha attends Cultivate Church in LaOtto, Indiana.

By The Numbers . . .

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Items Donated Recently

Please join us in thanking the following organizations for the generous donations listed below:

  • St Mary’s School - Diapers, wipes and other misc. baby items
  • West Noble Elementary (Mrs. Brumbaugh’s 3rd grade class) - Class made blankets
  • Parkview Physicians Group Avilla – Coats, diapers and wipes
  • Cultivate Church in LaOtto – Diapers
  • Tenneco in Ligonier – Winter coats and other winter items
  • YMCA – Diaper Drive with multiple donors
  • Community State Bank – Winter hats
  • 15 anonymous individuals – Clothing, diapers, and lots of other misc. items for babies and young children

Mission Moment (from an Anonymous Client)

The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25: 40 (Jesus Speaking)

At one time or another, we all seem to fall short of our needs in life. Be it emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual, we all need a little help at some point. I often find myself pondering what others did “back in the day,” so to speak, for I remain unsure what I would do without places like Life and Family Services.

Time after time, the wonderful women at Life and Family Services have provided me with each and every one of these needs. Teaching me to be a better mother, supporting me when I need it, or being able to get clothes and diapers for my young kids . . . the generosity and kindness so freely given is not lost on me.

Most importantly, I’ve found at Life and Family Services someone I can confide in. Having been raised in a house that lacked love and care, trust has never come easily for me. Who can I trust, when my life experiences have taught me that nobody can be trusted? Thankfully, God has provided me with the people (like Deanna) at LFS. I know that I can speak to her about anything without fear of judgement or harshness. She’s accepting and loving, encouraging and can even be gently enforcing if and when I need it. I’m very thankful that she’s been there for me throughout these last few months as I transitioned from a single mom of one boy to two boys. It’s a heavy burden. Having support like Deanna’s has changed my life. Reassuring me that I can do this. More than anything, that’s what I need.

I am forever touched and amazed by the selflessness spread into this service.

I pray whoever reads this would be touched by these words and know that lives are being changed at LFS. My mother didn’t teach me what being a mother was all about -- in fact she taught me how NOT to be a good and loving mother. Life and Family Services has been there for me, to make up for what I was once ignorant of. I am forever touched.

My deepest gratitude to all of you. My boys and I, our lives, improve everyday with your help.

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