Face it ... germs exist everywhere!

In today’s day and age, we must utilize all of our problem solving skills to ensure food safety and product quality measures are being met. With the increased use of mobile and hand held devices for warehouse operations, the potential for cross-contamination and the spread of unwanted dirt and germs from one person to another exists everywhere in the warehouse.

The MobileHandHeldBuddy computer electronic cleaning and detailing product will sanitize your portable devices with one easy to use, do-it-yourself disposable kit. The MobileHandHeldBuddy is a perfect product for cleaning mobile computers, scanners, labeling equipment, RFID devices, bar code reading devices and attendance machine readers.

Our product will protect your staff from the spread of germs while they perform duties related to raw and finished goods inventory management. By using our MobileHandHeldBuddy product, we can help you lower your costs associated with absentee employees due to illness and increase your company’s back office productivity by way of a healthy warehouse staff.

High service demands from customers are creating an intense need for error-free data capture and management. Our cleaning and detailing kits will increase accuracy and speed in your warehouse activities by making sure your mobile hand held devices are working in their peak condition. Warehouse check-in and check-out processing along with day to day internal warehouse activity requires that your mobile electronic devices be working accurately and without mis-reads. When you use the MobileHandHeldBuddy cleaning and detailing kits in your warehouse your customers will see the fact that you are putting measures in place to reduce cross-contamination in the workplace.

IT managers, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Control Staff , Warehouse clerks, Shipping and Receiving staff....……..

No matter what size warehouse, we can help you !

Our main three goals are to help your company stop the spread of unwanted germs thus reducing employee absenteeism due to illness, minimize cross-contamination of your inventory by way of unclean shared hand held equipment, and last but not least increase efficiencies in your back-office operations by keeping your mobile hand held electronic devices working accurately with minimal downtime.

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