Dealing with Electronic Waste

By: Kelsey Lynch

Electrical Waste

  • Electrical waste or E-waste is broadly defined as anything that is being thrown away by consumers that contain a circuit board.


In the US 130,000 computers are thrown out each day & 100 million cellphones are thrown out each year. People hope their computers are being recycled properly, but that isn't the case.

Some companies are shipping computers overseas, where they are broken down for metals inside. With all the different toxics such as lead, mercury, etc inside of computers people in China opening them and burning them are causing toxics to be in the air.


  • 7 out of 10 children have too much lead in their blood.
  • Peasant farmers working for just 8$ a day with burned hands are breaking down the computers
  • These people are willing to risk their health for money

Electrical Waste needs to stop for health reasons

How to fix it

Environmentally friendly alternatives

Hand me down- Give them away to other offices, businesses, friends, family, anyone who is in need or wants one.

Selling- You can sell your computer that isn't being used

Donate- Donate to charitable organizations

Cannibalizing- Take the useful parts out before disposing the rest, then the useful parts can be repaired to use for similar machines