Mittye P. Locke

WAAG and TFTW (Week of October 6 - October 10)

Reminder: You will meet for PLC and Problem-Solving following your normal schedule.

Monday (October 6):

Tuesday (October 7): Wolin & Berryman at D.O.

10:15- Fire Drill

4:10- SAC Meeting (Media)

Wednesday (October 8):

8:45- iMoms (Cafeteria)

7:45- Staff Yoga (Cheyne's Rm.)

4:00-6:00- Astro Skate (PLEASE let us know if you can assist with chaperoning)

Thursday (October 9):

8:40- ESE Meeting (Quad)

2:00- Calendar Meeting (Wolin's rm.)

Sam's Club (Lounge)

Friday (October 10):

Horace Mann (Lounge)

Thought for the Week

" The only thing you get in a hurry is trouble."

- Anonymous