MakerVets: Bootcamp at KCI

Learn skills to become employed as a Makerspace Coordinator

MakerVet Bootcamp

Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, California is holding a Makerspace Skills Certificate program. This training will provide the basic training needed to enter para-educator positions in schools, libraries, community centers, and other youth maker programs. Total cost of the Makerspace Coordinator certificate program is approximately $750, and partial scholarships are available for Veterans, funded by Autodesk.

Fill out this form to show interest in this cohort of veterans in the Makerspace. (Form available at

Classes you'll take to earn the certificate:

LINC75A - Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology, 3 units

LINC 77A - Design Thinking Process, 2 units

LINC77B - Design Thinking and Tinkering, 2 units

LINC78A - Computational Thinking for Educators, 2 units

LINC 73H - Adobe Illustrator Overview, 1 unit

LINC78C - Project Based Technology Projects, 2 units

LINC84A - 3D Design Process, 2 units

LINC 58A - E-Portfolio, 1 unit

LINC 78B: Block-based programming, 2 units

LINC 57: Designing Learner-Centered Instruction, 1 unit