Married Couples Missions Trip 2014

St. Ann's Bay, Ocho Rios- Jamaica

Our Mission:

We will work to transform the island of Jamaica through ministry, construction and medical projects. We'll visit and clean the infirmary, restore the Mustard Seed Residential Community and tend to the medical needs of numerous Jamaican families. While learning how to have a Christ-centered marriage and family.

Our Journey to Christ

Just months ago, we decided as a family to turn our lives of sin over to God. This transformation of following God has been quite a process. Once we surrendered our lives, the devil has been attacking us, but through the grace of God, we have been tested to step out of ordinary and start living the life he has already planned for us. When God laid it upon our hearts to serve this mission, at first we didn't listen to the calling. We were too scared, we didn't feel we were in a place to serve, and we didn't feel we knew enough about God to go spread his word. But we choose to step out in faith, to just listen to the spirit within us and to walk by faith and not by sight. As we grow with our walk with the Lord, his calling for our lives is becoming clearer and clearer. The Lord has called us to serve in St. Ann's Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica on Feb 21- Mar 3, 2014, where we will have the privilege to work hands on with the people of Jamaica, and show them love, support, strength, but most of all share the word of God with them. We are so blessed to be given this opportunity, and through this mission we will learn what it means to have a Christ centered marriage and family. Marcel and I have been best friends since we first met back in 2002, we know that God planned for us to be together, and we are so happy to know that God is working within our family and marriage.

Prayer Request

We are writing to you to ask if your family would pray for us and the members of our team before, during, and after our trip. That we prepare our hearts and that we do not miss one person that we are called to minister to, that the pains and darkness of poverty are lifted from those we serve and that the word of God is displayed in him, that they accept Christ into their hearts and are made new. Thank you so much for your prayers, and I'm so happy to have you partner with us in this experience.


We are also asking, if God has laid it on your heart, to partner with us financially. The estimated amount of the trip is $3600. If God has called you to it, you can donate by going to or and click on the donate button.

You can also mail a check made out to The Church of Eleven22 with the following written on the comment line.

Jamaica A: Desiree & Marcel Lawrence

*the coupon and pre-addressed envelope are to be mailed along with a check.

*All payments made out to COE22 are tax deductible and non-refundable. You will receive an automated receipt for online contributions.