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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

We started this week by celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday with Read Across America Day. On Monday, our class got to see a show starring some of Pond Cove's teachers in a performance of Dr. Seuss's book Hooray for Diffendoofer Day. Throughout the week, we read many Dr. Seuss favorites, including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Wacky Wednesday, There's a Wocket in my Pocket, and Bartholomew and the Oobleck to name a few!

To go along with There's a Wocket in my Pocket, we came up with our own rhyming creatures to put in our "pockets," like mockets and thockets and lockets and nockets! We talked about how we can write rhyming words by taking away the first letter and adding a new sound/letter to the beginning of the word.

On Wednesday we showed up to school and our whole meeting area was wacky, including a shoe on the wall! We had fun reading Wacky Wednesday as we spied wacky things both in the book and around our classroom. When we took our final vote on Friday for our favorite Dr. Seuss book, this story was the overwhelming winner!

On Friday we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck with Mrs. Marsden's class. We made our own oobleck on Friday afternoon using cornstarch, water, and some green food coloring. Oobleck made this way is extra fun because sometimes it acts like a liquid, and it drips from your fingers. Other times it acts like a solid, like when you poke it quickly or keep moving it to make a ball in your hands.

Celebrating 100 Days in Kindergarten

Last week our class had a great time celebrating our 100th day of school. Thanks to all families for sending in your collections of 100 things! We had 100 pennies, 100 pieces of pasta, 100 pieces of yarn, and so many more creative collections.

Now that we have become experts at counting to 100 by 10s, our class has been practicing counting to 100 by 5s. To practice this skill, we made necklaces with 100 beads on them and grouped them by 5s to keep track of our counting.

Throughout the week we thought about things that we would like 100 of (like pancakes, fruit, or dogs) and things we would NOT like 100 of (like worms, bees or angry bears!). We made a (paper) pizza with 100 toppings, putting our toppings on in groups of 10 to help us keep track of our counting. We even tried to work in pairs to make something using exactly 100 legos. Our 100th Day of Kindergarten was a blast!

Math with Squeakel the Equal and Gus the Plus

Your child may have come home this week and mentioned our new math friends Squeakel and Gus. These friendly fellows are math symbols that we use when doing addition. While we have previously done many lessons about addition in an abstract way, our class will now be focusing on using the correct symbols to write math equations or number sentences. Gus the Plus is a friendly mathematician who likes to "put things together and count up." Squeakel the Equal is all about making sure that things are the same or equal on both sides. We will be learning about many ways to show addition and solve addition story problems, including using objects, pictures, and our fingers.

Word Wall Readers

Our class has been working hard to learn many high frequency words so that they can become fluent readers. Below is a list of the words that we have talked about as a class. These words are currently on our word wall and have been showing up in many of the books we are reading. Feel free to practice reading and writing these words at home with your child. You can do this in many fun ways, including spelling out words with fun objects (food, string, playdoh, letter magnets), writing words in paint or shaving cream, making up songs or stories to go along with each word, and simply finding them in the books you read together each day.

a am and are at can for have I it is in

like look my see the this to up we you

Friendly Reminders

Allied Arts for Week of March 9-13

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Computers

Wednesday - Ms. Potter

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Music/Library

Please try to remember sneakers for gym days and library books for our library days.

Parent Teacher Conferences

A reminder that forms went home on Thursday to sign up for parent teacher conferences. If for some reason one of those times does not work for you please feel free to email me and I will do a best to find a time that works. I am looking forward to meeting with all of you at the end of the month to discuss your child's progress!

Contact Information

I hope that these newsletters will give you some great discussion starters to use with your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!