The Western Lowland Gorilla

or Gorilla Gorilla gorilla/Gorilla³


Angola ; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon.

Size Statistics

Males grow up to 5.5 feet, and 400 pounds.

Females grow up to 5 feet and 350 pounds.


The Gorilla Cubed eats pith, shoots and leaves. Fruits are also an important component of western lowland gorillas’ diet and are consumed according to their seasonal availability. Oover 100 fruit species have been recorded in their diet.

In drier months, when fruits are scarce, gorillas supplement their diet with leaves, bark and rotten wood. They have also been know to eat termites and weaver ants.

They do not have any predators, other than poaching humans.


Speaking of poaching, this is one of the reasons they are endangered.

Other main reasons are habitat loss and ebola.

Timber is an important industry in Africa, and they can only survive in deep rainforests.

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The Future of the Gorilla Cubed

They will most likely not recover, as they are extinct in the wild in some regions, and nobody knows how many are left. Gorilla Cubed takes years to mature, as they are like humans in development.

Call to action

Protect the rainforests, recycle paper, and prevent logging in areas of higher population.
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