History of Nintendo

By: Haven Harris

Why i chose this topic

Nintendo is the creator of many fascinating gaming consoles that changed gaming forever and is loved all around the world by gaming connoisseurs.

1889, Nintendo is Founded

A Japanese businessman named Fusajiro Ymauchi founded a playing card company. He named the company Nintendo

1959, Nintendo partners with disney

For about seventy years the Nintendo card company was on the top of the trading card market. They partnered up with Disney and started producing Disney trading cards.

1965, Trying New Things

With Nintendo being successful, they began going into new markets like food and toys. All of their ideas failed, except for the ideas in toys.

1970, The Ultra Hand

The Ultra Hand was Nintendo's first big toy. Created by one of Nintendo's assembly line workers, Gunpei Yokoi, the moving hand made new openings for Nintendo.

1975, The Video Game Market

Video games had been gaining fame, and Nintendo dabbled in a few new products. They began distributing the Magnavox Odyssey, and were successful.

1981, Arcade Games

Over the span of six years, Nintendo began creating arcade games. Their games caught on, with the hugely popular Donkey Kong getting instantly famous.

1982, The AVS

Nintendo started planning a handheld home device for video games. Most of them never came to development, but some released to the public and were mildly successful in the handheld market.

1985, The NES

After some time finishing their technology and design, Nintendo was ready to release their family-friendly home game console. They released a limited number of games like Super Mario Brothers in Japan.

1989, The Gameboy

Nintendo created and released the first portable game console. The Game Boy was very cheap price wise, and became popular almost instantly.

1990, Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 was an instant hit, it had sold over 18 million copies and was named the best 8-bit game to ever be made.

1991, The Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo had a newer sleek look and had a better, more comfortable controller. The Super Nintendo helped make the path for CD-ROM games in the future.

1994, The N64

Nintendo continued improving their design and upgrading their technology, they soon released the Nintendo 64. A year later, Sony would release the PlayStation which cut into Nintendo's profits.

1996, Pokemon Cards

They used to be known as Pocket Monsters, Pokemon cards became crazily popular. Nintendo took back ground it had lost to Sony, but the success didn't last and Nintendo struggled for several years to come.

2004, Nintendo DS introduced

Nintendo released their new portable gaming system called the Nintendo DS. In 2006, they released the Wii which was aimed at people who wouldn't normally play video games; it became a huge success and put Nintendo back on the map.

Personal Opinion/Insight

Nintendo changed gaming and how everybody looked at it and it was something that was designed for the whole family to have fun together.

Impact on Society

Changed gaming and how people looked at gaming. Adults used to think gaming systems were immature, then Nintendo released consoles for the whole family.