Back To School ~ Technology Updates

August 2021

Back To School Edition

Welcome back! I hope you all had a chance to rejuvenate over the summer! This edition will be dedicated to new or updated technology tools and some tips for getting started with the new school year.


I have created a Microsoft Team titled MPS Technology PD Resources to house all technology related PD information, how-to's, quick start guides, etc. My hope is to create a one-stop shop for you to go to for supporting documentation. Please provide me your feedback on how I can make this better for you! Please join my Team by clicking the Join or create Team button on your main Teams page in the upper right, choose to Join a team with a code and this code: fv1zysf

**Please choose the Channel associated with the product you are seeking information for (e.g. Seesaw Resources) and once that Channel is chosen, please reference the Files or Notes, or other links at the top of the main page for materials. You may also find information in the Conversation Posts area.

~New Layout for Teams Classes ~

Big picture


There are many reasons to use the Edge browser, including the new features called Collections. Check out this three minute overview of Collections ~ and please share this with your students! If you have used Wakelet, you will want to check this out!

To get a great introduction to Microsoft Edge, I highly recommend completing the one hour (or less) Educator Center course: Enrich the learning experience in Edge browser - Microsoft Educator Center


Watch this 11:40 minute video of the Top 10 Microsoft Edge features.

**NEW** Reading Progress in Teams Assignment - THIS IS AWESOME!

NEW! Microsoft just launched a new interactive guide to "Try out" Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams To try out this FREE student reading fluency tool quickly, go to the link & take a test drive


Microsoft Stream Videos

Microsoft Stream videos that you record will now be saved by default to your OneDrive instead of in your Stream account. This will allow you more flexibility in working with your videos.

Top 25 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for 2021

Click here to view. See time markers below ~ jump to your area of interest:

📝 Table of contents 0:00 Introduction 0:14 PowerPoint Presenter View in Microsoft Teams 1:32 Focus mode 1:56 Full screen mode 2:23 Meeting Options in the Teams meeting 2:57 Add a Team picture 3:42 Use CTRL-SHIFT-X for Teams messages 4:29 Announcements 5:18 Saving messages 6:11 Share to Outlook 6:35 Immersive Reader in Teams messages 8:12 Mute meeting chat 9:04 Add apps for messages 9:43 Dark Mode 9:58 Filtering in Chat 10:33 Get Email address for a channel 10:53 Channel notifications 11:44 Add a Whiteboard to Channels 13:00 Emoji channels 13:35 File sharing updates 14:34 Drag Outlook attachment to Teams files 14:51 Add apps to the app bar, pin them 15:13 Pop out apps 15:33 OneNote in Teams 16:06 Keyboard shortcuts 16:59 Control Notifications in Teams

*JUST RELEASED ~ August 2021 Teams Updates/Features*

Ten new features in Microsoft Teams for late summer 2021. Microsoft Teams new features include Create Task from Teams messages, Live Captions in more languages, Quick Quiz in Teams meetings, Immersive Reader in Teams mobile, and lots more.

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