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France and Germany believed both that the war would last long. The French assumed that the Germans would attack in the Northeast, because Belgium was neutral (not involved at the time of the war, like the Netherlands). Germany pulled back and Belgium fell to the French armies. The armies dug in trenches in. The Germans where tried to attack through Flanders. They were near the town of leper stopped by the the Belgians and Englishmen. At the Marne (a river) the Germans were stopped by the French. The armies dug in there too. Then began the famous trench warfare. The British, French and Belgians opposite the strong Germany. The United States joined in 1917 at France and Great Britain. On november 11, 1918, find a truce place and in 1919 in Versailles peace. The battle of Verdun is the largest battle in world history. Never has there been so long-lasting, with commitment of so many people, fight on such a limited territory.

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Concerns about my man and my son,

My man is fighting for us out there against the Germans. For a long time we had contact, but a few days ago he said that the Germans are winning area. A day later he said that the Germans were very close near the home base. Since that day I didn't heard anything of him. Is he dead? Is he captured? Or is the contact just broken! I don't know but I miss him so much and our son too he is crying in his sleep and some days he can't sleep at all. Maybe more mothers have also this problem and know how to fix this? If you do please contact me, it would really help me and my son!

Best regards Ann Belsher.

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We need you for our army!

Hello I'm general Mc cartey. and we need man for our army, we are not looking for frightend men but for men who wan't to risk there life against those Germans bastards. If you think the army is something for you contact me!

See you soon, general Mc Cartey