Magnificent Forest Machine

Explore the Magnificent Forest Machine- Rottne Forwarder

Preserving and maintaining forest lands must be a top priority of the government. It is imperative that forests should be taken care of. An important task of forest maintenance is thinning and felling.

For that purpose, Rottne Forwarder is used. The thinning and felling process benefits both the industries and forests as well. Due to uncontrolled growth, the trees continue growing and form a dense network which makes it difficult to surf and maintain. In order to get rid of those issues, thinning is important.

Rottne Forwarder is widely used for this task. The usual models are Rottne F’10 and Rottne F’15. There are several reasons as to why this product is preferred over the rest.

High Performance: Laced with a high output engine and advanced hydrostatic components, these machines provide great thrust and helps in attaining high speed even with heavy loads.

Light and Spacious: The myth associated with heavy machinery is the heavyweight but Rottne Forwarder is an exception. It is very light in weight and very spacious. The large drop down windows provides a better view of what’s ahead. The driving cubicle or cab offers standing position as well as built in a way that avoids high noise levels. It provides utmost comfort to the driver with the relaxing seats and easy side arm resters.

Excellent Control System: The control system in the machine is digital. It is backed up by state-of-the-art technology which monitors the engine, transmission, and loader. It has advanced troubleshooting options along with inbuilt alarm systems characterized by visual and audible features.

Easy Servicing: While its competitors take hours to examine and detect any faults, Rottne Forwarder takes precisely minutes to examine and assess all its areas and parts.