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Father's Day

This year Father's Day is on Sunday, June 19, and I wanted to tell you all a little bit about what we are celebrating. Many scholars believe that the origin of Father's Day dated back nearly 4,000 years ago in Babylon. A young boy named Elmesu who made a message on a card made out of clay to give to his father that wished him good health and a long life. Though there is no records of Elmesu or his father, their tradition spread throughout the countries and is still celebrated today.

So, now I want to tell you how Father's Day came to be in the grand old USA. We have Ms. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd to thank for bring Father's Day into America. She was a loving daughter from Spokane, Washington and because of her struggle we now celebrate Father's Day.

The idea of Father's Day came into her mind when she was by chance listening to a sermon. At the age of 27, Sonora thought that if there was a day tohonor mothers, that it was only fair to have a day to honor fathers also. Sonora had a strong sense of respect for her father, Mr. William Jackson Smart, who was a civil war veteran. Sonora's mother died in childbirth when she was just sixteen. Her father raised a new born with five other children and loved and cared for every one of the six children.

Ms. Dodd was inspired by Ms. Anna Jarvis, who struggle to promote Mother's Day, and she started a campaign to promote Father's Day. The Spokane Ministerial Association and the YMCA supported Sonora's cause. Because of this, Spokane celebrated their first Mother's Day June 19, 1901. Though hesitant at first the idea spread and gained popularity and is now celebrated around the United States along with the rest of the world.
Well, for one thing, this year you will definitely know what you're celebrating when you bring your dad a card and a gift that you made on Father's Day morning.

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You must be wondering What in the world is this Cramer Crunch thing? The answer to this question is that the Cramer Crunch is a newsletter that you will receive once a month that will give you things that are happening now or that are soon to come. We will give images, articles, and interviews that we collect from other people. That's right I said we. We as in the Kid's Club. Gase Broussard, Owen Broussard, Aura Ladner, Maria Ladner, Joshua Hebert, and of course Jillian Hebert. We will be on the move and getting as much information to put on our newsletter. Aura and I, Gase, will be designing the newsletter while the other will be getting the information we need to write the articles. This is a great way for us to let you know what is going on with this side of the family. Make sure to definitely contact us if you need us to put something that you would like to contribute. thank you so much for supporting our ideas.

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Hey everybody! So, if you read all of the article before this, you might have her me talk about this thing called the Kid's Club. The Kid's Club is a club for all kids under the age of 14. This summer we will be setting up many fun activities and will try to get you all the dates we will be doing them. If you are interested in joining the Kid's Club, tell your parent's and ask them to contact us with the contacts above. have a great summer and I hope to see you all very soon!

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