Is Your STUFF Holding You Hostage?

Organize, Simplify and Thrive

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Limited Time Offer - Ends August 15th

Do you feel like you can't escape your STUFF? It's all around you - caving in!

Do your piles keep growing, leaving you with NO IDEA on where to start or what to do with it all?

If you said "YES" to either question, then by golly, take advantage of this special offer!

For a limited time I am offering:

  • A two hour onsite organizing consultation (we will create a "plan of attack", determine the best products to use and how to maximize your space)*

As a bonus you will receive:

  • A 30-minute follow-up phone consultation (value of $62 FREE)
  • My ebook edition of "Who's Managing Your Life? A Simple Guide to Creating a Home-Based Life Management Center" (value of $20 FREE)
  • A reserved spot in one of my 30-Day Organizing Challenges** (value of $30 FREE)

Only $297 til August 15th

Call TODAY to book your consultation!
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Stop Procrastinating and Make A Change!

Grace Brooke - The Efficiency Specialist

Featured on TLC's hit series, Hoarding: Buried Alive.
As seen in Redbook, Woman's Day, Parent, American Baby, San Francisco Chronicle plus many more.

*Limited to Sonoma County

** Good for 6 months.

My 30-day challenges are held via a private group on Facebook. During the 30-days you are encouraged to post photos, share your successes and setbacks and support/encourage your fellow participates. It is during this 30-day period that you will focus on getting organized and being more productive.