Anthology Project

Larissa Villanueva


Poetry is not really my thing. I don't really like it but sometimes it can be fun. I started writing poetry this year when we had to do our projects. I was born in Mexico and moved to Texas when i was 2 years old. Growing up i was always happy and was always well taken care of so i am very thankful to my mom for that. I was never really the one to bully people or get bullied i just stuck to myself and enjoyed life. I have 3 older brothers and one half sister.

where I'm From

I am from bed, from cinnamon Toast Crunch, and shoes. I am from modern.

I am from tulips, the daisies. I am from sitting around the Christmas tree, and long legs, from Niko, Marco, and Ivan. I am from inappropriate comments and pranks.

From "Ew Go away" and "Why are you always hungry". i am from no religion.

Too lazy to wake up for Church. I am from Italy and pasta and fast food.

From locking mom and dad out of our house, the crazy food fights on Thanksgiving, and the very inappropriate language. I am from parks and gardens.

Where my family always says "I like this lighting, it makes me look thinner"

Narrative poem

What a day it was when he left.

Signed up for the Marines and flew far away.

I never thought about the day when he would actually leave home.

He was the best of the three annoying older twats.

I guess i knew the day was coming.

I just didn't know it would be so soon.

We visit him sometimes, but it's just not the same.

I just hope that they're not too harsh on him,

and that one day he will come home safe and sound.

Structure Poem

My apple

products are the best in

the world and i couldn't live

without them. They are so useful

and very helpful in times in need. Any

time i need to do homework or search up

something they are always there for me.If I'm

sad they are always there with funny videos waiting

for me to see and cheer me up. Anytime i need to

talk to anyone..They are there waiting for me to

pick them up and dial those numbers. I am

very lucky to own these product and i don't

know where i would be without them.

Ode to my over-sized sweaters

Oh sweaters!

How warm you are,

especially when you're very large!
Like a warm blanket wrapped around my body

or like a warm hug from a giant person.

Cute and fashionable yet lazy and tired.

Fuzzy and fluffy everywhere you go!
Cuddled up in class or anywhere you g.

Woolly giant blanket, or comfy sleeping clothes.

Feels like home every time i put it on,

and when i take it off i feel cold and lonely

favorite sweater to wear everywhere!



The hardest poem to write was my sonnet. I didn't really know how to describe love or write about love since i am only 14 so i have no clue what love is yet. It was also hard because i didn't know how to get it to rhyme and make sense. I had to brainstorm and think very hard. Poetry isn't really mt thing so most of these were pretty hard but over all it was kind of fun to do. I liked writing about myself and expressing my emotions and events that have happened in my life. My favorite poem to write was the "Where I'm From" poem since i could put funny details about my family and talk about myself, and what girl doesn't like talking about themselves!