Brochure of Pipestone National Mon.

By Matthew Baby

History of the Monument, Fascinating Facts, and the Association with Native Americans

History-Stone pipes have been used since around 1500 B.C.. They were sacred to the Native Americans. Pipe stone quarries have been used for 3,000 years. At the park Native Americans from all tribes, set aside their differences to quarry the pipe stone. After that they would go and smoke it for their ceremonial purposes. The park was sacred to the North American, Lakota, Dakota, and other North American tribes.It was brought to the Americans in the 19th century. It was acquired by the federal government in 1893. It is a "spiritual place", and the colors of the pipe stone range from mottled pink to brick red.


It is warm and humid in the summer, it is cold and snowy in the winter, and the weather rapidly changes. You should be prepared because the weather is changing rapidly.

Activities and Events at Pipestone

There's a lot of things to do, ranging from bookshops and gift shops, to nature walks in the park. There is a visitor center, museum exhibits, interpretive programs, cultural demonstrations, and a film. It's a blast, I recommend you to go to the museum, it's really fun!