NJHS Weekly Newsletter

By: The Officers of NJHS


We have two types of communication at the moment, our NJHS Website, and the Google Classroom. We strongly suggest that all of you get the Google Classroom app so that you can get alerts for new volunteering events or upcoming events. We use google classroom to inform the students and the website is more for clarification for the parents if they need to better understand anything. We will also be doing a weekly newsletter to give a general idea of what's going on this week in NJHS.

Fundraisers and Events

So far we have one fundraiser planned for this year that the majority of the people voted for, and that is the Barnes and Noble fundraiser, which will take place at the Barnes and Noble near Lakeline. Another great event that is happening is that we have delivered the care packages to the troops in Afghanistan and the soldiers hung a flag in our honor there on September 11th. Now they are sending the flag to Canyon Ridge to hang up in front of the school!!