Andrew Jackson

The "Common" Zero

Jackson And The Natives

The Supreme Court ruled that the Natives should be left alone, yet Jackson felt he was above them. The sent the army to throw Natives out because they were "Savages" even though they were very Americanized. The Cherokee tribe even knew English. Some of the Natives also had a police system and a Constitution. He threw Natives off their own land forced them onto Oklahoma even though the Supreme Court ruled they were their own independent nation and should be left alone. Nearly 16000 natives signed a petition to stay. They were supposed to be taken comfortably but many died along the way. More than 5000 Natives died on the journey.

Andrew's Monarcy

This is a political cartoon above represents Jackson as a king. Andrew completely overused his power to veto. America could've used many of the laws that Andrew refused to pass. By ignoring the Supreme Court ruling he showed he believed he was above the constitution. He started to rule like a king which is exactly what we had the revolutionary war to escape.

Jackson: Born-Common Died-Rich

People could relate to Jackson because he was thought of as a "common man" being born poor. The entire reason citizens voted for Jackson was because they felt he was just like them and would understand. Jackson did get where he was on his own but by the time he was president he was most definitely not "common". Jackson died in a mansion with hundreds of slaves. The Natives he removed were more common then he was.

Andrew's Yes Men

Andrew gave government positions to his followers who were not all politicians. The people Andrew chose would always agree with him. This gives him way too much power since only his opinion will count. They could not help him make good decisions. He picked loyal friends who wouldn't dare tell him when he was wrong. This is called the spoils system.

Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary