Sabish Press

Vol. 3 Feb 2014

Michael Tinoco

by Mariana H and Nickole W

An amazing young kid that many of the students in Sabish Middle School know. In our school there are many kids who have been sick and we always wish for them to get better, but there is always that one kids that gets sick with something that is very hard to beat. Our friend Michael Tinoco has cancer and we wish him the best and hope for him to get better. Like I said and will keep saying “Michael get better because we need someone like you to get us up when we are down and we need someone to make us laugh and just make our days.”

When we were walking down the 6th grade hallway we thought of asking some of the teachers that had him. Just when we were walking pass Mrs. Preston’s room , we thought of when she had Michael in 6th grade. When we walked in she was eating and we felt bad because we were interrupting her lunch time. As we were going to leave. She told us that we could come in and so well I don’t know about the other’s that were with me how they felt, but I felt bad having interrupted her lunch time. We asked her the first question that we had in our notebook. “Do you know Michael as a friend?”, we asked. She responded to us “Yes, I taught him in my 6th grade math class.” Another question that we asked her was “Does it affect you that he has cancer?”, with an almost teared up face she answered, “I think about him a lot, and it scares me to think he had cancer now. Something that I would like to tell him would be that we love him, and we are thinking about him throughout the way. Also that Michael was the kid who made us laugh, and the joy of the class. Funny guy, sweetest grin, positive kid.”

After we interviewed her we asked another teacher and some students. Michael’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher answered, “I had him as a student; it made me cry when I found out that he was diagnosed with cancer. Because he’s my 2nd student that has cancer. It brought up scary memories. Something that I would like to tell him would be that we love him and we support him, we want to help him.” One of the students that we interviewed told us that he knew Michael since 5th grade. After we asked him all the questions that we had, he responded “I have known him since 5th grade. Yes, it did affect me because I don’t get to see him everyday now. And I want him to know that we all miss him and I hope he gets better. Some things that I would like him to know would be that he should keep fighting, and to stay positive. Also that I hope that he gets better. Many of the kids and adults that we were interviewed all of them have the same message for him and that message is that “We are all waiting for him to come and that he should keep fighting and to stay strong.”Michael if you are reading this we are all waiting for your return with open arms.”

The Case For A Super Bowl In Green Bay

by Kaitlyn Wehner

Why hasn't Green Bay ever hosted a Super Bowl? Most people might say that is it because the cold weather. According to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the cold weather is not a major factor to why Green Bay cannot host a Super Bowl. He also said that in order to hold a Super Bowl there needs to be 25,000 hotel rooms within 60 miles. But, the Green Bay Area only has 3,000. That was the statement in 2010. But now with the new expansion to the KI convention center in Green Bay and more hotels appearing in the Fox Valley, there is most likely plenty of hotel rooms in Green Bay and the surrounding Fox Valley.

Recently, with having the Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey (about 25 minutes from New York City with no traffic) the NFL clearly does not care about major traffic and commuting from 20+ minutes to get to the game.

Also, according to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Super Bowl could not be in Green Bay because there is not many other venues in the area. Why not have some events in Milwaukee? Then have shuttles running back and forth to the game. Also for families the Dells are less than 3 hours away. There are many attractions there from the Wilderness, Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge; there are many other attractions to choose from within three hours.

Finally, how cool would it be to play a Super Bowl Game in the most historic venue in the NFL? Nothing beats Lambeau Field in the king city of football: Titletown USA.

The Science Behind a Smile

by Olivia Salm

Why is it, that when a person produces a natural smile, it looks fine, but when told to smile on command, it looks all fake and contorted? There is a very logical answer to this question, which will be answered later. First, some background knowledge will be provided for those not familiar with brain anatomy. In the base of the brain, surrounded by the cerebral cortex (the wrinkly part of the brain) lies the limbic system (associated with moral/ethical thoughts, higher learning, and reasoning). The limbic system contains the basal ganglia (associated with emotional and motor response), thalamus, and many other structures that aren’t directly relevant to smiling.

When a person smiles, whether it’s because of a recollection, or auditory/visual stimuli such as listening to your favorite song, or seeing a loved one a cascade of events occur: first the auditory or visual cortex (in the cerebral cortex) processes the auditory/visual stimuli. Then the information travels through the limbic system to the basal ganglia, which then triggers a motor response; a genuine smile, which possesses a special quality that only the basal ganglia can produce.

So when someone were to smile on command, say when someone points a camera at you and tells you to smile. Like a genuine smile the situation is processed by the visual and auditory cortex, but instead of going to the limbic system, the information goes to the language centers of the brain (located in specific lobes of the cerebral cortex, mostly located on the left hemisphere). The language centers then produce a motor response; a smile, albeit a fake one without the special quality of a genuine smile that only the basal ganglia can produce.

Sites: “Phantoms in the Brain” by V.S. Ramachandran, and Sandra Blaskee;

How to Tumblr

by Brianna Burgess, Honor Kester, and Jordan Betts

You may ask, “How does one Tumblr?” It takes a lot of time, absolutely no life, and a Tumblr account, obviously.Take note that Tumblr will influence you greatly, so use with caution. Know that once you enter the realm of Tumblr, there is no going back.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know what Tumblr is, according to the Wikihow article “How to Use Tumblr”, “Tumblr is a microblogging service that has recently become one of the foremost social media sites on the Internet.” Basically, that means that one who joins Tumblr runs their own blog.

“To Tumblr”, as we like to put it, you must first learn the lingo. Some common terms include “shipping”, “OTP”, “I can’t even”, “What is air”, “y u no”, and other extremely intelligent, thought-provoking phrases and words. Though, to an outsider, shipping might sound like UPS, we’re talking about relationships. Fictional or nonfictional, Tumblr likes to imagine relationships with everyone and everything. “Shipping” refers to two people in a relationship. Often, people make names for these ships by combining the names of the people together. Some examples include Erifef (Eridan and Feferi, Homestuck - a webcomic), Sebaciel (Sebastian and Ciel, Black Butler - supernatural anime), Hannigram (Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, Hannibal - TV show), Padlock (Paige the Notebook and Tony the Talking Clock, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared - YouTube), and Fiolee (Fionna and Marshall Lee, Adventure Time - TV show on Cartoon Network). Many ships are homosexual relationships, as the mentioned Sebaciel and Hannigram are, but some can be heterosexual, like Erifef, Padlock, and Fiolee. “OTP” stands for “one true pairing”, or someone’s favorite ship.

“What do you do to Tumblr?” one may bravely ask after reading all of this. You already know Tumblr is a microblogging website. From that information, you can infer that it’s a blogging website. If that wasn’t already obvious. You can blog pictures and text, you lucky beast, you! Pictures includes GIFs (animated pictures), usual pictures, and videos. Text posts are what they sound like - giant walls of text if someone is ranting, usually random stuff if not.

One does not necessarily have to post their own things on their blog. They can hit a button that’s called a “reblog” button. In case you’re a silly little child and don’t know what that means, it means you pretty much share someone’s post. Ta da.

On your blog, you must decide what you want your blog to be about. This could be an emo/scene blog, a fandom blog, a kawaii blog, or a mix of everything. That should be what one would post the most.

And that, friends, is a crash course about how you Tumblr. Before you follow these steps, though, run. Run fast. And don’t look back.


The date is January 17th, 2014, and we have interviewed five people about their opinions on society. Here are their responses.

We interviewed Mckenzie Dewitz, and she said that she thought society was the worst thing ever, and that it’s horrible. We asked her why, and here was her response. “Because they don’t like themselves. They blame most of the things on society, not realizing that we are society,” then we asked her what her society would be like if she had the option to make her own society. “Happy,” was her response.

We then asked the rest of these people the same questions, and got mostly different answers for each, but some are the similar.

Someone who asked to remain anonymous, responded to our questions. They said that society was stupid, and it needs to find it’s common sense. We asked them what they thought society was, and they said, “It’s a human sense.” How they responded to the “make your own society” question, and they said, “Joyous.”

Next we interviewed a sixth grader, named Jordan. We asked how he would define society. “I think it’s like what’s going on in the world. It’s going downhill very fast, I don’t understand why.” How they would make their own society was, “Basically, anyone who is racist, would be put in jail.” Although, racial discrimination is not our only problem.

Seventh grade Science teacher’s, one and only, Ms. Olson, defines society as, “A community or multiple basically coexistence.” We asked her how she thought of society, and she said, “It’s going downhill.” Then we had a follow up question.. We asked her why people tend to label other people, and she responded, “It comes from other people’s insecurities, like they say, ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ It’s natural for us to do that, but we have limits.” How she would create a society, was “I would want it to focus on doing the right thing.”

The amazing seventh grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Reider, also got interviewed. “A person’s community, including the businesses and interactions.” was the answer to how you define “society”. How she thought of society, was “Has it’s good and it’s needs improvement parts.” We asked her why people label others, and she responded, “To make themselves feel better. Partially because of the culture they grew up in, not knowing.” She was asked how she’d run a society, and she said that she would not want to be in charge of a society.

Those are the five people that we interviewed, and we have had a lot of fun getting people’s opinions. It was very interesting to see what they thought. Personally, some people have been tainted in a bad way on society because of the way they’ve been treated, misused, and brought down by people’s actions and words.

Basically, what we’re saying is that we should all make an effort to make our society better. So stop judging people and accept who they are for who they are, and don’t try to change them. So maybe they are different than you, but its good that they are, because if we were all like you, the reader, the world would be a very bland, boring place. And not only that, there would be so many problems. If you just don’t understand people, and are bad at encouraging them, or building them up, and only destroying them, then you’re in trouble. But, maybe you don’t think so, and maybe you think you’re the greatest person to walk the earth, but you’re really not better than anyone else, and in order to help make our society, we all need to get past our own egotistic roadblocks.

Valentine's Day

Did You Know……

  • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day

  • Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the U.S.

  • 73 percent of people who buy flowers for Valentine's Day are men, while only 27 percent are women.

  • 145 million valentines are sent out in the U.S. each year

  • Every Valentine's Day, the Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

  • About 3 percent of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets

  • About 8 billion conversation, candy hearts will be produced this year; that’s enough candy to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona 20 times and back again

  • Over 50 million roses are given on Valentine's Day.

  • Children received 39% of all Valentine's related gifts and candies

More at:

Valentine’s DIY Treatspiration

By: Ashley Vang & Alex Kohlmann

1. Valentine’s Day Macarons

- What You’ll Need;

- 3 Egg Whites

- 2 Cups of Powder Sugar

- 1 Cup of Almond Powder

- ¼ Cup of Sugar

- ¼ Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar

- 7 Teaspoon of Butter for the filling

- 3 ½ Tablespoon of Milk

- 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extra

2. Heart-Shaped Nutella Brownies

- What You’ll Need;

- 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extra

- 1 Cup of Nutella

- ½ Cup of Sugar

- 2 Eggs

- ⅓ Cup of Butter

- ¾ Cup of Flour

- Heart-Shaped Brownie Cutter, or any Valentine’s cutter of your choice

- Frosting, Valentine’s Day Sprinkles (optional)

Gift Ideas!

3. “You’re Poppin” Popcorn Gift Idea

- What You’ll Need;

- Popcorn (That has been made)

- Some Red & Pink Candy Melts

- Bag of Valentine’s day M&M’s

- You can have a mason jar to put the popcorn in (Optional)

4. “Talk Nerdy To Me” Nerd Candy Gift Idea

- What You’ll Need;

- You’ll need tons of nerds! (the candy)

- Glass Designed Jars

- Small Plain Gift Cards

- Twine

- A Sharpie (can be pink or red)

If you Want to know how to make them, go to this link below!

Valentine's Day Treats & DIY Gift Ideas!

Local news

Breaking News: Snow

Snow is sweeping out our Nation and Sabish students have something to say about it.

Report by:

Lizzy Knoblett and Jade Bell

Sabish students have something to say about it.

Snow is something we all are familiar with, but not all of us are used to it. When Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, you can’t help but cringe. When your snot freezes the moment you sneeze, you know you must live in Wisconsin.

We asked a few students here at Sabish to tell us whether or not they liked the snow and we got some interesting responses. Here are some of the responses from people about the snow:

One seventh grader said “It’s cold and there’s too much of it.” She spoke to us without the slightest bit of fear she was calm, cool, and collected.

Another response:“No, I don’t like the snow, becauses it makes my feet really cold. Also I have to shovel it...” Christina was messing with the strings of her sweatshirt and was really nervous.

Owen Paulson, another seventh grader, says: “I love it, because I like to go snowboarding, but I don’t really like when I have to shovel it.” His arms were behind his back and seemed unsure as he said this response.

Brady Immel, a seventh grader said “No, I hate it because I have to shovel it.” He was messing with a single rainbow loom bracelet on his arm and swaying from side to side.

Julien M, another fellow seventh grader, said: “I love the snow because I’m used to the cold and I love to have snowball fights.”

As you can see, there are some mixed responses about the snow. But we didn’t interview the whole school. So now we will ask you - what do you think of the snow?

Winter Accidents Facts

A Five man group

Self Paragraph

Bencent Xiong

Winter accidents have been happening recently since global warming has started where winter is longer than usual times. Like the pile up at Wisconsin Highway 41/45. If their was a pile up like that then one thing to do is stay in your vehicle it’s the safest place to be. Only get out unless your vehicle is on fire or your car’s rear end is punctured and in really bad

Cause: [Winter/blizzards/Icey road.]

Destruction: [Injury/fire or Explosion/ or maybe death.]

Solution: [FInd a way when the next accident will occur.]

Larry Moua

In Atlanta the east coast roads has been slippery and thousands of airline being cancel for people’s, flight across the country. And in eastern Pennsylvania Multiple tractor trailer and cars on Friday morning was blocked in traffic.

Cause: (Heavy Snow, slippery roads, freezing rain)

Solution:( Salt on roads and snow trucks)

Jeffrey Heuer

With all the bad snow and ice on the roads there have been car accidents all over Wisconsin. There have been a reported more than 30 accidents all over Wisconsin with in the past two months.

Jacob Grande

The cause of winter accidents are mostly because people rush and then the ice problem comes. Some people also drive like a maniac without paying attention.

Andy Yang

The Winter accidents of Raleigh N.C. on Wednesday afternoon. The snow of sleet did the cars and people inside giving the neighborhood a reason to get out. The neighbors walking up and down the lanes of the highway handing out peanut butter cracker and protein bars since the traffic is slow of the snow. As the snow becomes ice the blanketed roads get caught in a mid-commute. Stay safe on the roads to night.

Sabish Basketball-Girls Got Game

by Megan Elford and Mariana Hernandez

“Winning doesn’t mean jack. You need to see the bigger picture, which is improving your skills for the next level.” This was said by Mr.Bell after our third basketball game, with Kimberly winning 41-22. So far this season, our 8th grade team is 3-4.

Our first game against Kaukauna felt like we were kind of intimidated because, it was our first game after all. I felt like we didn’t work as hard as we could because sometimes we didn’t know what to do. That game we lost 45-25 and afterwards Mr.Bell told us, “Its good that we finally got to play against someone other than the 7th grade girls because now we know what we need to focus on in practices.” The reason that we had to play the 7th graders for so long is because of the cold days we had to push back the games to the following week.

In our second game, we played against Neenah; a tough team who we felt pretty evenly matched against. It was a home game and the fans pumped us up a lot. We played our hearts out and we were very aggressive and so were they. With about a 30 seconds left, we were down by 2. One of our teammates stepped up and went for the three. While she was trying to do that though, the person guarding her fouled her by slapping her arms when she was shooting but the refs didn’t call the foul. This angered Mr.Bell a little bit, but overall the refs are great. Then Neenah went on a fast break for 2 points as the time ran out, with the final score 30-35. That was our best game yet and even though we lost, we played like champions.

Our third game was against Kimberly. Before the game Mr.Bell said, “Listen ladies. No one expects us to beat Kimberly. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Where as on the other hand, they have everything to lose. We played well and had much better shooting than our first two games but they were just as good, very tall, and fast.

Our fourth game was the turning point for us. In this game we played against Menasha White. What made this game different than the first three is that we played with confidence that we could win, and win we did! The score was 21-27 in the end and after the game Mr.Bell said, “Good game ladies. That was a game that we should have won, and we did win.”

Our fifth game was against Neenah White. Before this game we had been talking about how its easy to lose by 20 and say that we didn’t have a chance, but its harder to leave it all on the court and lose by 2. I totally agree with that. In this game we also talked about a little guy named Uncle Motivation aka Uncle Mo. What he is is whichever team has the motivation he sits on their bench and whenever the other team gets the motivation, he goes to their bench. It became a running joke in our team that we wanted Uncle Mo to sit on our bench, and I believe that he did. We won this game 24-29. According to one of our teammates that I asked, this was our best game yet because we had fun yet worked hard.

On the sixth game our lovely and most motivated uncle Mo was not on our bench. We started out fine and we konda talked but not that much so it was a back and forth game. I guess some of the girls on the court were motivated but not all of them were. Mr.Bell aka Papa Bear was “grumpy” because we were not talking and just not motivated at all. When the first period was done we went to our corner and talked about the things that we have to work better on and then as in all of the teams of different schools we made a plan on how to get our plays. Also He asked us what would motivate us and he said “ Do I need to dance or do something funny/stupid to get motivated.” After all that was not the best game that we would have of the season and maybe the worst of all the defeats that we had.

Our latest game against Woodworth was a pretty good game. I mean we won by 5, but we could have held them to less points. Mr.Bell said that even though we won, sometimes we weren't working as hard as we could. But a win is a win, and their were still some great highlights to this game. For example, our offence really looked good on this game and we had a couple of great fast breaks and passes. The score of our seventh game was 23-18.

I bet some of you have noticed the signs posted on all of the basketball team members’ lockers before games. On them is Good luck against whoever we are playing, a picture of a bear, a girl playing basketball, or even claw scratches on a basketball. But the thing that I like best on the signs are the quotes. The quotes are just little messages to get you thinking about the game during the school day and to encourage you with some wisdom to ponder. There have been quotes on the last six game signs. Maybe you would like to see them.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. We are the others!!!

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation Determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

-Lou Holtz

“Its the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

-John Wooden

“I can accept FAILURE everyone fails at something, but what I can’t accept is NOTHING”

-Michael Jordan

“Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

“When you prioritize the little things as if they are big things that is when success happens.”

-Coach Bell

“Doing the best you are capable of the VICTORY in itself. Less than that is DEFEAT!”

In case you are a great observer and noticed that there were seven quotes and not just six, I will tell you that one of the signs had two quotes.

The second quote really speaks to us because sometimes we size up a team and the game is already lost because maybe they look good or they have an undefeated record.

I hope you enjoyed an inside look on how our season is going so far. We would love to see you come to one of our games to support the team!


Teacher Feature

Highlighted Teachers

We have made a highlighted teacher “award” that students voted in to choose their favorite teacher. The prize is is that we are going to write a paragraph about who the teacher is and who the teacher was.

Mr. Bartow

First place was awarded to Mr. Bartow, who is a 6th grade social studies teacher here at Sabish. He has been voted the top teacher by 50% of the people that we had asked. They voted him top teacher because of his love for teaching. Mr. Bartow grew up in Fond du Lac but he spent four years in Hoboken, New Jersey. He never gets bored while teaching because he feels there is always something new going on at Sabish. He enjoys going to the Metropolitan museum. Mr. Bartow loves his job here at Sabish and wants to be here for many more years.

Mr. Deli

Mr. Deli is the 6th grade science teacher. He has been voted for the highlighted teacher because of his positive attitude and his love for student. He has been voted by 30% of the people who have participated in the Highlighted Teacher Award. Although he is not native to Fond du Lac, he graduated from Fondy High. He got his degree in teaching at UWO “Go Titans!” He loves hockey! He loves teaching students because of their creativity and is inspired to teach them more. Mr. Deli does an after school robotics club! Mr. Deli loves teaching and loves his job here at Sabish.

Mr. Fedyszen

20% of the students voted for Mr. Fedyszyn. Mr. Fedyszyn is a teacher here at Sabish. He teaches band and general music. He was born in Hales Corner, a suburb of Milwaukee. He went to college called UW Milwaukee. He loves playing music and is inspired to teach by the motivation of the students. Then next best thing for him is watch the Brewers. Mr. Fed is an excellent teacher here at Sabish. Please thank him for all he does.

What students and teachers do after school

We interviewed some students and teachers on what they do after school. Here is what some people said:

Saischia Vasconcelos said after school she has basketball practice and after that she works at McDonalds and plays volleyball. She says she uses her phone after school. She said if she had more time, she wouldn’t do anything else.

Skylar Hibicki said she uses her computer and phone for electronics after school. On weekends she goes out of town for hockey. After school she eats McDonalds and JImmy Johns.

Ms. Niederehe who was a student teacher for science first semester says she thinks out of school students use facebook and play sports. She thinks more students should be involved in sports instead of tv and video games. She said more students should do more homework and exercise more. She says students should get jobs and spend more time with their family. Out of school, Ms. Niederehe has another job at Alaroma and she coaches the cheerleading team for sabish. She goes to the Y and if she had more time she would clean.

Ms Hammer who is the gym teacher says after school she runs some kind of club for the students like basketball, fitness club, and strength and conditioning. She says she uses her phone but it isn’t a huge thing of her day. she said if she had more time she would travel. She thinks many kids are in many activities or is on electronics a lot. She would love to see more activity out of everyone.

A lot of students do the same thing after school. The main thing is Electronics and Sports as you can tell.

Favorite Holidays

by Autumn Smet and Abby Lefeber

Abby and I walked around the school and wondered what we could come up with that would be newspaper worthy. Finally, we came up with the idea of recording data of the top five favorite holidays. We asked four students(2 boys and 2 girls) from two classrooms in each grade. We also asked four staff members(2 male and 2 female) at Sabish what their top three favorite holidays are. After they chose their top three from our list we asked them two final questions. “What is your number one favorite holiday out of your three chosen on the screen? Why?” Here are the top five holidays here at Sabish:

1. Christmas (13 votes)

2. Halloween (8 votes)

3. Easter (7 votes)

4. Thanksgiving (5 votes)

5. Independance Day (4 votes)

Most people said their favorite holiday is Christmas because they get to spend time with their family and open presents. Others like Christmas because they get off of school. Ms. Will said she likes Christmas because of the snow, decorations, and family traditions. Mr. Brady likes Christmas because he’s off of work and can spend time with family, and because he can go skating and sledding.

Halloween ranked second on our list because of the candy and costumes. Mrs. Schneider said her favorite holiday was Valentines Day because of the positive notes. Some people said their favorite holiday was Thanksgiving because they can be thankful for what they have, spend time with family, and stuff themselves until they can’t move. Ellen, a sixth grader, said that her favorite holiday was New Year’s Day because she enjoys watching the fireworks with her family.

That’s all we have for you! Thank you for reading our story and show off your holiday spirit!

Winter Olympics 2014 Sochi

USA’s Flawed Speed Skating Suits

This year in the 2014 winter Olympics the U.S. has come up with a new suit design for the speed skaters. This suit was designed by Under Armour and Lockheed Martin. These suits were supposed to be a designing breakthrough with an over two-year testing and research period. But these suits have made some of the best speed skaters look like they don’t know what they are doing.

The U.S. is usually a very, very strong competitor in the sport of speed skating, but so far this year there hasn’t been one American speed skater who took first in a race. There are vents on the back of the suit, which are meant to vent out heat from the suit and increase aerodynamics, that are actually letting in air, which inflates the suit and creates a drag. Some skaters actually say they feel like they are fighting with the suit to maintain the correct form.

This isn’t said to be the direct reason USA in doing horrible this year in speed skating. Other reasons could be lack of preparation, or the fact that the U.S. skaters practiced on and outdoor track while the one in Sochi is indoors. Which ever reason it may be, USA is doing very badly in speed skating so far this year, and can hopefully pick it up as the games go on.

-Evan McEssey


Olympics hockey

By: Steven Schlosser and Grey Newton

When you think of hockey do you think of team USA? Well if you do did you know that the team got a silver medal in Vancouver. The United States Olympic Hockey team will try to continue its streak of medal winning at the 2014 olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

Out of 20 people surveyed 45% of people stated that they would watch the olympics. Of those people surveyed 30% said that they would watch the United States hockey team at Sochi. Also 25% were unsure if they would watch team USA in the Olympics.

There are some players on the United States hockey team that are from Wisconsin.

They are: Ryan Suter, Phil Kessel and Joe Pavelski. Even though he’s a hockey player Joe Paveliski may be a hockey player but his favorite thing to do outside the rink in to be outdoors. Ryan Suter’s favorite sport besides hockey is tennis. Below is a game schedule for the Men’s USA hockey team

Thurs., Feb. 13 W7-1

Sat., Feb. 15 7:30am

Sun., Feb. 16 7:30am

Tues., Feb. 18 TBA

Wed., Feb. 19 TBA

Fri., Feb. 21 TBA

Sat., Feb. 22 10 am

Sun., Feb. 23 7am

Olympic Results as of 2/14/14

Compiled by Eli G.

What country do you think will be most successful in theOlympics this year?

Five people said Russia will be most successful. One said Turkey. Three said USA. One said China. One said Mexico. Two said Ukraine. One said Canada. Two said Germany and one said Norway.

So far the top seven countries with the most medals are:

1.Germany: 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze: TOTAL: 10

2.Switzerland: 5 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze: TOTAL: 6

3.Canada: 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze: TOTAL: 10

4.Norway: 4 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze: TOTAL: 13

5.Netherlands: 4 Gold, 3 Silver, 5 Bronze: TOTAL: 12

6.USA: 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 6 Bronze: TOTAL: 12

7.Russia: 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze: TOTAL: 11

Olympic Thoughts

by Dakota M.

photos from via a Google image search.

Click here to open and view in new tab

Olympic Thoughts

Lunch Staff News

by Terrianna

On a cold winter day in February I talked to Jean, a lunch lady, about her job. I asked her question such as; Do you like your job?, Do you like working with children? How long have you been a lunch lady? She answered “Yes, that she likes her job and saying yes to her like working with children”. Also for the last question, she said that she was a lunch lady for 22 years, that’s a long time, but its worth it if you like children.

Sometimes when children, or adults are difficult, “you just have to smile and stay happy”. That’s good advice. From 6:30-2:30 Monday through Friday Jean helps us eat healthy. She likes being with her work colleagues and those of us at Sabish.

Editorial Thoughts

By Addy

I don’t think we should have to make up snow days because it shortens the length of summer. If we have to make up snow days, the snow days should be scheduled in the middle of the year and not at the end, If snow days make-ups are scheduled in the middle of the year students might have more concentration since summer isn’t that close. Students can’t concentrate when it comes close to summer because they are thinking about school being over and not having homework. I realize students might be missing more class time but in the summer some parents might be working longer shifts. If students ride the bus and are not allowed to get off on their own their parents might have to leave work and miss a half an hour of work and the parents can’t earn as much money as they thought.

New KIP classes

On January 31st, Alexis, Deona, and I were on a mission, and that was to find out the students opinions on the new intervention i.e’s. So we walked around the 7th and 8th grade hallways in search of students with strong, respectful opinions on their new i.e classes.

This article, and the following interviews are not meant to “bash” or “hate on” any of the staff at Sabish. We asked students for their honest opinions, some had more positive opinions than others, but the point of these interviews was to give everyone some type of insight and a voice on i.e’s at Sabish.

We asked a total of nine students, from 7th and 8th grade four questions. First we interviewed three 8th graders, Emily, Alonda, and Brey. The first question we asked was, “Do you like the i.e. class that you’re in,” Emily said that she didn’t really like her i.e, because in her i.e they learn about business and business isn’t her most favorite thing in the world.

Alondra said she didn’t like her i.e class either because all she does in her i.e is read, and she doesn’t like reading. Brey, had the same i.e as Emily and said she didn’t like learning about business either. The next question we asked was, “ Why do you think you’re in the i.e that you’re in,” we asked this question because intervention means you need help in a certain area of something, in this situation it’s the situation of certain subjects you might need a little help in. Emily said,

“ I think I’m in Mr.Meyer’s i.e (business), because I need to work on my business skills.”

Alondra said, “ I think I’m in my i.e because my MAP’s scores, we’re just average and could be a little bit higher.”

Brey said she didn’t have any idea why she’s in the i.e that she’s in.

The last question we asked Emily, Alondra, and Brey was, “ Do you think that having the teachers pick our i.e. classes is a good idea or not?” Emily said, “ No, I don’t think it’s the best idea because teacher’s picked our i.e’s based on which classes they think we’re not paying attention in.”

Alondra said, “ No, because i.e should be fun because we already have enough classes to learn in as it is, and we should be able to choose whether we want to work on certain subjects or learn some things that might not be offered in our regular required classes.”

Brey said, “No, because having teachers pick our i.e’s is not beneficial because they’re going to be putting us in classing that we might not like, and would get bored in easily, and when kids get bored they stop paying attention, which would defeat the purpose of it being an intervention,”

We then interviewed some 7th graders, Shea-Lynn, Carter, Adalynn, Kylie, Madison, and Emma. Most of the following 7th graders agreed the kip’s weren’t really that fun but they did have benefits. Other following 7th graders agreed that the kip’s were a bit boring without having any friends in the classroom you’re being put being put in. Some kids even looked on the bright side and said it will definitely help if you’re falling behind in a specific class. Some kip’s seemed to be fun for the most part to others who has been enjoying the class they were currently put in.

Overall, the 7th graders had a better outlook on teacher’s picking their i.e’s than the 8th graders. Most students understood why they are in certain i.e’s and appreciated being able to pick there own i.e’s sometimes. At any rate it’s only half an hour and it’s a break in the school day.Once again, this article, and the previous interviews are not meant to “bash” or “hate on” any of the staff at Sabish. We asked students for their honest opinions, some had more positive opinions than others, but the point of these interviews was to give everyone some type of insight and a voice on i.e’s at Sabish. The students that were interviewed are not meant to speak for everyone as a whole. We were not able to interview 6th grade students because at the time of the interviews 6th grade were in their skinnies.

But, next issue we will try our best to interview 6th grade during our 8th grade i.e. We hope you enjoyed this article and hope you keep on reading, take notice of the posters all over school with the link to the newspaper online.

We know how much people love fun facts, so we thought that we would bring some to Sabish!

by Ben Stoffel-Murray

-Sitting up straight bad for your back. Sitting at 135 degrees is best.

-Old english used the word “dore” for male bees. So Dumbledore from Harry Potter means bumblebee.

-When you look up at the blue sky and see little “floaties” flying around, you’re actually seeing your own white blood cells.

-If your commute to work is more than 45 minutes, your 40% more likely to get divorced.

-Water, electricity, and gas has been free in Turkmenistan since 1991.


by Madi Dekker

Heading to FHS... Class of 2018

High School

By Brett Hebert, Donta Lee, Andrew Ramos

We wanted to get down to how kids and teachers feel about when they hear the word highschool. Now some kids were excited some were scared but the one person who really intrigued me was Mr. Ehley. He was wearing a gray athletic shirt and seemed as happy as ever. as we were interview him you could tell it was bringing back memories. He said with a grin on his face “man high school was fun. Now you may think it is scary but when you get there it is exciting. I wish I could go back to those times. I loved being in band and all the sports.”

Another teacher we interviewed was Mrs. Jaeger. She was sitting with the two seventh grade math teachers. She was wearing a ocean blue shirt. When we were interviewing her you could tell she had a great time in high school but yet happy she wasn't there still. She said, “ High school was a blast but there is a lot of drama. You can't dwell on what people say about you or else you will hate high school. Join as many clubs as possible no matter how good you are at it.” When she said she was done we thanked her and walked out the door.

We came up with the conclusion that yes high school may seem scary but you can't dwell on the bads. If you focus on the positives your high school life will want you to go back twenty years after. Theres nothing to worry about.

Do you realize that high school is only seven months away?

For all those eighth graders out there, do you realize that high school is only seven months away? We decided to interview kids on their feelings toward going to the high school.

We first made our way to Mr. Brady’s block C math class, where we found many other people interviewing students. We first asked Evan and Dawson their thoughts about high school. “I’m excited. There is going to be more people and more good looking girls *winks*.” We asked Daniel Lerche how he felt about going to high school and he said in a boring way, “Sucks.” “Why?” we asked. “Cause it seems like it.” Another student said that they were excited because they will be able to see students from other schools. Almost all the boys we interviewed said they were going to go out for football, and other students said they were just going to be themselves.

Out of the 23 people we interviewed, most were excited and a small fraction of them were nervous. The main reason students were nervous was because the high school is so much bigger than Sabish Middle School. Most of the boys weren't nervous but excited. The girls were almost always nervous. Other students just weren’t worried because they had lots of friends that could help them. Some students were excited to finally be able to drive. Overall, most students are excited about the “hot babes,” better food, and having their phones at passing time and in class.

by Nicole A, Kristi V, Skyler H, Esther S, and Maggie S

Mexican Holidays

by Cristal

Mexicans celebrate New Year's Eve by eating a grape with each of the twelve chimes of a clock's bell during the midnight countdown, while making a wish with each one. They also eat bread and in the bread there is a charm hidden and if you get it you would get good luck. Another thing is Dia De Los Santos Reyes which is celebrated on January 6. Dia De Los Reyes is when people exchange Christmas presents in accordance with the arrival of the three gift-bearing wisemen to Jesus Christ. The third thing we celebrate in Feast Day of San Antonio de Abad and it is celebrated on January 17. San Antonio de Abad is when Catholic Church allows animals to enter the church and give the animals a blessing.

On February 2, they celebrate Dia de la Candelaria or Candlemas. It’s celebrated with dancing, bullfights, and the blessing of the seeds and candles.They also celebrate Dia de la Constitucion and it is celebrated On February 5. Dia del Constitucion is an official holiday that commemorates Mexico's Constitution.

The last thing they celebrate in February is the flag and it is celebrated on February 24.

On March 19 they celebrate St. Joseph's Day and it’s a religious holiday.

The last thing they celebrate is the birthday of Benito Juarez on March 21. Benito Juarez is a famous Mexican president.

On April they celebrate Semana Santa. Semana santa begins Sunday, March 24 and runs through easter Sunday on March 31 and it is most popular outdoor activity weekends in the Mexican holiday calendar and it celebrates the last days of the Christ's life.

Teen Ink

Teenink, is an amazing website for teens! On teenink, you are able to post short stories, articles, and including poems, fan fictions, and movie reviews. When you sign up, and you “send” your article or story to get published onto the site, you will get an email telling you if it was posted onto the site. Some things are not able to be posted, because it may appear to be inappropriate. If you are a writer, and want your work out there for other teens to read, rate, and or comment, teenink is the best site to go to for that!

Also, on Teenink, you’re able to read, rate, and or comment yours and other peoples work. Your work may be published in their magazine! But they dont always publish your stories so you have to watch what you write.

New Year, New Movies

by Samantha Blackstad

2014 is a new year and there are many new movies coming out. Hopefully these new movies will make your new year better than any year you have ever had.

Here are just some of the movies coming out in 2014. On March 7th, Mr. Peabody and Sherman will hit theaters. This movie is a hilarious comedy that will suit the whole family. Mr. Peabody is the smartest dog on Earth. He creates a time machine and his “pet” boy uses the time machine. What will happen to Sherman? Go to the theaters starting March 7th!

On March 21st, Veronica Roth’s book turns into a movie. What movie? Divergent. Divergent is a story based on a girl named Tris Prior. She lives in a world where there are factions. Factions are small towns or parts of the town that only certain people live in. She lives in the faction of Abnegation, but switches to Dauntless on the choosing ceremony day. She trains to pass Dauntless initiation, but when she keeps getting better and better the government keeps a close eye on her. What will happen to Tris? Watch the movie to find out!

On May 2nd, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters. This movie is a sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about Peter Parker and how he is saving New York. During this time someone sends supervillain after supervillain to get Spidey. He must fight them while saving the citizens. This movie is very action packed with twists and turns. It’s the battle of Spidey’s life. Will he survive? I guess we will have to wait until May 2nd.

On June 13, How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes into town. It has been almost four years since the original came out to theaters. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is after the Vikings and dragons became “friends.” Now that the dragons and Vikings are no longer fighting, the Vikings have dragon races with their new dragon pets. This movie is great for kids and even parents. You should really go to theaters June 13, to see who wins the dragon races.

On November 21st, the third Hunger Games movie comes out. Mockingjay part 1 is a movie that people can’t wait to see. This movie continues after Katniss, the main character, gets back to District 13 to start her new life. She is trying to live without Peeta, fellow district tribute and husband of Katniss. She wants to believe that Peeta is still alive. District 13 government must think of a plan on how to save Peeta and Johanna from the Capitol. This movie is action packed and full of excitement. All you Hunger Games fans and anyone who wants to see this awesome movie should be in the theaters November 21st.

These are just some of the movies coming out in 2014. Hopefully these movies will make your year ten times better!