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Community Partnerships

School - Community Partnership Program

Welcome to the Clarke County School - Community Partnership Program Web site. Thank you for your interest in learning more about partnership opportunities. Schools, businesses, community organizations and parents can use this web site to access information on how to partner with CCSD.

How Can A Business Partner With A School?

There are several ways a business can partner with the Clarke County School District (CCSD). Currently the Clarke County School District partners with several public and private sector partners. These partnerships provide resources and curriculum-based opportunities to CCSD students, staff, and parents. These programs allow business and community members to connect schools with resources thus providing literacy, math, social studies, finance, fine arts, science, health, and physical education experiences to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity. The result is a richer educational experience while preparing our students to be well-rounded global citizens.

For more information on partnering with the Clarke County School District call the School-Community Partnership Program at 251-275-3368.