Class Meetings: 9/4 - 9/7

Purpose & Passion

September 4th: All Grades

Topic: What's Passion?

Discuss Passion with your students. Talk to the students about how passion is when you think, dream, and crave to do something meaningful with your life. Whether it be your career, helping others, creating something new. Passion is a driving force for our purpose. No matter what other people think, we still want to do it.

Click on the link below (Google Slide) to find today's lesson with attached video.

September 5th: All Grade Levels

Topic: How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Show students the video (below) from: 6:28 - The End. Have students share with the group their remembrance #. (Ex. #kind, #spunky, #hopeful, #courageous)

Tip for Later: Immediately following a busy transition later in the day, have your students use their journals to write/draw about why they want to be remembered for this trait.) (Especially good for when students come in from recess, lunch, PE, etc and need to re-engage their prefrontal cortex. :)

September 6th: All Grades

Topic: Who's Passion Has Inspired You?

Have students share about at time when they were inspired by someone's passion (or life's purpose).

This will take some prompting from the younger grades, and you might have to start by modeling an example for your group.

September 7th: All Grades

Topic: Purpose Is Intentional

Pass the Cup: Purpose Is Intentional

After participating in the pass the cup activity use the following questions with your kids. (Younger grades, you may have to alter the verbiage as needed.)

1. Do we sometimes have to get rid of distractions to be able to focus on our purpose?

2. Does purpose require hard work? Why do you think?

3. What things can we do to help us focus on our purpose?

Teachers: If you need an visual example of the cup game, please watch the link below. You don't have to show the video to your students, it's just an example for you. Plus, this teacher shows a great example of morning meaning "stance" and student engagement in the process.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary