Machismo: Effects on Men

How Can Violence Against Women Affect Men?

How Does Machismo Influence Men?

People often see women being affected daily by machismo in Mexico, but not many talk about how young men and boys are affected. Young men and boys don't always realize they are getting influenced by machismo culture, but they are, at a very young stage. Here are two reasons how.

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Reasons Men Are Affected by Machismo

Machismo can affect a young boy's life because of two main reasons.

The first reason, and probably the most biggest effect it will have on the boy, is that machismo can stop a young man from learning. This happens because when boys are taught to be strong and tough so they will be considered as man, they also have to think that they are a know it all. So when boys are scared to ask questions because people will think of them as dumb, they do not learn anything and they cannot progress their education. This will have a extreme outcome on their future.

Machismo also affects a young boy or man when they are taught they need to be tough and manly to be considered as a real men. They will soon think that abusing women or children is the right thing to do because that is what they seen their fathers doing. Their futures will soon become dull when they decide to join a gang or drop out of high school because machismo has taught them that is okay.

How Can We Prevent Machismo?

Machismo is a cycle in Mexico even in the 21st century, but we need to teach young men and boys not to disrespect others just to show their manliness. Some ways to prevent machismo from cycling for years to come is to teach them from a young age that there are consequences for your actions and that you should never try to afflict violence upon another person. There are many bright young men that have either low paying jobs or are in jail, when they should be in college because they were taught with this mindset from a very young age, from generation to generation. So just by teaching young men not to hurt others, it will open up many doors from their now, bright futures.


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