Aboriginal Tribe



Kamilaroi or Gamilaraay is an aboriginal tribe who are from the area between Tamworth Goondiwindi ,and west to Narrabi, Walgett and Lighting Ridge, in northern New South Wales.The Brown Spot is where they live.

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Kamilaroi people eat meat such as this kangaroo.

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They love this kind of food. They also ate other animals and meat. However, they did not eat animals that were their totems.

Kamilaroi Language

The Kamilaroi tribe's language is a Pama-Nyungan language of the Wiradhuric subgroup found mostly in South-East Australia.It was the traditional language of the Kamilaroi people,but now is moribund.Sadly,Kamilaroi lost their language.

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Kamilaroi Art

Kamilaroi did art.They used bark and lots of other stuff.This is some of their art.


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