Theron LePage

The Presentation of me

So What do ya Want to Know?

Well, I was born June 30th, 2002, I love sports, music, academics, and faith. I'm an avid table tennis player, I play cards, I can play the electric guitar and the piano, and I like school but, sometimes it can get overwhelming.

"...A musical prodigy!"- Avery LePage (My Sister)

I have preformed at the state music convention twice and have had a solo each time I went. I have also had formal piano lessons for two years and I wouldn't say I'm that good!

Some Very Important Times in my Life:

What are Some of my Goals?

Well, When I grow up i want to work at the U.S Embassy in France.

I want to do this because I want to help people, I want to make a difference in this world, and be able to travel and meet new people.

I also want to go to college to study foreign relations or website design

I want to do this because technology is the future and I want to be able to use it and have a better understanding of it.

Thanks for Listening