How To Escape Medusa?

By Cristofer Chumacera


Medusa is a evil myth creature and turns people to stone. She was cursed by Athena and now she has snakes for hair and nasty eyes. if you look at her face to face you will turn into stone. you have to use a reflection to look at her.

Is it a challenge to escape Medusa

Medusa was cursed by Athena and she can turn anyone to stone if you look at her face to face. you can escape her by closing your eyes and running away and you can look at her by a reflection of a mirror.

5 easy steps to escape

1 close eyes

2 run away

3 use a mirror or something that has a reflection to see

4 escape

5 live


Medusa is a monster. She turns people to stone and keeps them as statues. Medusa was cursed by Athena because people thought Medusa was more beautiful than Athena. So now she is a a snake head monster that turns people to stone.


The strength is that Medusa can turn anybody into stone even monsters. The weakness is that she is an evil creature.
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