Becoming a Teacher Project

By:Emile Brumley


Baylor University

Admision requirements

  • a singed DPD verification statement from the Program Director
  • a combined GRE score of at least 297 with a 148 in Verbal and a 149 in Quantitative, and a minimum GRE writing score of 3.5
  • an overall minimum GPA of 3.0
  • be U.S citizen

Degree Plan for Bachelor degree

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Degree Plan

  • I selected the Bachelor degree for Secondary Life Sciences.
  • In total this degree plan requires 117 credit hours
  • This degree plan requires core classes, electives, classes that will help you with the subject that you teach, and they recommend that you take an internship at another school.
  • You have to take the PDAS test and the teacher certification test at the end before you graduate

Degrees/ Classes

  • Business for Secondary Education (BBA)
  • Middle Grade Mathematics (BSED)
  • Secondary Life Sciences (BSED)
  • Secondary Physical Sciences (BSED)
  • Baylor does not offer a Masters degree for any education but does offer Doctoral Degrees
  • Baylor does offer primary education degrees