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Need Resources?

Looking for ways to review for the CRCT? Know you need to "spice" up a lesson or revamp it for next time? Here are 3 websites with a ton of ideas and options!

Things you didn't know to ask

Teachers Pay Teachers: Your user agreement says you won't share the resource, especially if you paid for it. So if you buy something, don't run out and make copies to share with the team. It's one purchase to one teacher. All resources I highlight are free.

LearnZillion: Think Khan Academy with handouts, notes, lesson plans, and parent suggestions. To totally flip your classroom, you'd need to create accounts for your kids.

Teachers First: This is not original material - this is a curated site - they've gathered quality resources for you. Think of it as one-stop shopping. Why have an account? You can save your shopping, and you can create a webpage of sorts for kids to visit (link to it on My Big Campus).

How Can I Use these in my classroom?

Sample Lesson Ideas

Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Download a "Character Traits" handout to give students a vocabulary for ELA discussions
  • Use the "Student Feedback Wheel" handout to guide students into group discussions - both written response and discussion starters included
  • Use the "Science Vocabulary Folder Freebie" to enhance vocabulary instruction


  • Get a math review lesson for Enrichment - lesson plan, sample problems, and a practice handout included
  • Watch a video on drawing inferences - give students the provided guided notes handout to work
  • Watch the video on "are plot points functions" and take notes which ask for examples and non-examples


  • Use the "Take a Walk in My Shoes" lesson to role play Middle East issues and conflicts
  • Link into and save the "Calorie Gallery," which provides visual representations of food servings
  • Combine science and math with the "Science of Football" to review concepts like the Pythagorean theorem and motion
  • Use your account to create a webpage of sites - great for research, a webquest, labs and more!

Ask Your Media Specialist

Please let me know how I can assist you with these or other resources!