Cobra Strike

From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

Calm before the storm.

With this week coming up being the one that heads us into Homecoming week, there is a bit of a calm before the storm. We have so much on tap next week that this weeks seems calm by comparison. Thats not to say we don't have a lot going on and that there aren't things to celebrate this week.

Teams did great all over the place with Varsity Volleyball keeping up their win streak, the football team (both varsity and JV) still being undefeated as well as Cross country having some great showings this week. In the junior high, the football team had a big win against Valley Falls the same night both A team and B team Volleyball beat Valley as well. In non sports competition, FFA went to the Greenhand Conference and came home with 6 medals. These students are showing everyone how great it is to be a Cobra everywhere they go.

I have a few news items this week and several shout outs to get to so on with the show.

Let's go make a difference.

Derek E. Smith

Teacher of the year

The Kansas State Department of Education acknowledges the teacher of the year nominations from all over the state every year. It is that time of year where each school nominates a teacher for both elementary and high school. I have emailed a ballot to each staff member and every student to vote on the best teacher that makes a difference in our community. Beyond being an honor for the teacher themselves, any finalist get to bring back a substantial scholarship in their name that will go back to the students. So please students check your email and vote. It will help us acknowledge great teachers here and being back recognition to the school itself.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found table which is now located outside of the IRC room by the front doors. As students leave items in the building, we will be placing them on this table. Any unclaimed items left on the table at the end of the month will be donated so we can put them to good use.

School Counselor Resources

If y'all haven't checked out Mrs. Alley's website, you are missing out on some great opportunities. While we post a lot of events on the social media as well as emailing them out, she has a large amount of resources that go untapped. She keeps a running tally of upcoming dates for people to be aware of. These include important application dates for seniors as well as event dates that are being organized by Mrs. Alley. It's a good tool for all students, not just seniors.

Football Team on a Roll.

Going into the third game of the season, the football team had a lot to be excited about. They currently had the highest ranking 1A offense in the state and were coming off of two wins. In the early two weeks of play, there were some stand out performances that really gave a few players a chance to shine. In the third game against Pleasant Ridge, the team saw some real opposition as they took the field. They had difficulty moving the ball right away and were having just as much difficulty keeping the ball from moving on defense. It was a stressful first half ending in a 14-14 tie. However, the team discovered something in the locker room during halftime and came out fired up like we have seen the team be in the past few weeks. By the end of the game, it was like the fans watched two different versions of the team on the field and ended the game on top with a final score of 49-28.

What came out of the game most was that when I asked Coach Wick for his player to highlight in this weeks Cobra Strike, he responded, "the whole team in general! They learned a good lesson about adversity and overcoming challenges as a unit!" Well spoken coach. I can't wait to see what the team can do as we head to Riverside this Friday.

Events This Week: September 19-24


MS VB Tri @ Home 4:30 pm

JV Volleyball Quad @ Oskaloosa 5:00 pm


V/JV Volleyball Tri @ Valley Falls 5:00 pm


FFA Land Judging @ Home 9:00 am


Cross Country @ Seneca 4:00 pm

MS VB Vs. McLouth@ McLouth 4:30 pm

MS FB Vs. McLouth @ McLouth 6:30 pm

V/JV Volleyball Tri @ Rossville 5:00 pm


HS Varsity Football Vs. Riverside@ Riverside 7:00 pm


JV Volleyball Tournament @ Hiawatha 9:00 am

Shout Outs!!!

Ms. Ange Allen- The library looks fantastic and she has put a ton of time into making it a fun and cool space for kids!

Mr. Alley- He has done a great job making sure that all the athletics are taken care of. He works hard and takes pride in our kids and our community and he is very much appreciated.

Mrs. Morris- She goes above and beyond to do fun, meaningful things with kids. Her heart is huge and it shows in her classroom!

Derek Smith

In addition to my other things that I love, being in the field with my dog bird hunting in the fall is among my favorite things to do ever. Here is Banjo back in fall of 2014 on his very first retrieve ever. At 6 months old, he isn't much bigger than the bird. Banjo has been my faithful companion in the field every fall since then. My love for hunting started when I was a young man getting to go with my dad in the field as long as I can remember. I fell in love with the outdoors and being among nature. I can't wait to one day share this passion with my two sons.
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