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What is Stop Snore Clip?

The Stop Snore Clip is a magnetic nose clip that noticeably and audibly improves nasal breathing, especially at night. The small magnets press the inner nasal walls together slightly as soon as the Anti Snoring Clip is attached to the nose bridge. This opens the nostrils a little wider and allows air to flow through more easily as you inhale and exhale.

This ensures that loud snoring noises are no longer produced - the user sleeps quieter and deeper at the same time. The reduced snoring noises ensure that neither you nor your partner are woken up. As a result, you won't be disturbed during your deep sleep phase, which should account for 25 percent of the total sleep workload.

Why do I need this anti-snoring device?

About 50 percent of all men and 25 percent of all women snore worldwide. The age is completely irrelevant, and the problem occurs in all age groups. However, middle-aged people and seniors are particularly often affected.

Snoring is a problem that is known worldwide. Millions of people snore every night and sometimes suffer greatly from it. In America alone, around 90 million people snore every night - that's more than 25 percent of the population. But not only the snorer himself suffers, but also his or her partner. The loud snoring often interrupts the sleep of both. The consequences of this frequent lack of sleep are usually weight gain, bad mood, poor performance at work and in the long run other health problems.

The Stop Snore Clip is intended to prevent all this by simply clipping it to the nose bridge before going to bed. The application is therefore very simple and should not be a problem for anyone. In this respect, the magnetic nose clip is actually suitable for any snoring person who suffers from it or steals sleep from others - such as his partner.

Stop Snore Clip evaluation and recommendation

People who have been suffering from snoring for years - maybe even their whole lives - will find it hard to believe the manufacturer's promise of the Stop Snore Clip. The small, horseshoe-shaped silicone part is supposed to ensure that snoring is greatly reduced or even completely prevented. A dream, some will think.

However, the manufacturer's promise of Stop Snore is not that far-fetched. After all, a study by Aspen Clinical Research has already proven that snoring stoppers like Stop Snore's help you get a better night's sleep. In this test, 20 people slept once with and once without the Anti Snore Clip. 17 of the 20 test subjects snored less and significantly quieter with the snoring stopper.

The promise of Stop Snore is quite understandable - not only with regard to the study result. It seems very logical that snoring is reduced if the nostrils are opened a little wider and more air gets into the airways.

Stop Snore Clip technical facts

  • small and light
  • comfortable to wear
  • opens the nostrils and improves breathing during sleep
  • Reduces or stops snoring
  • Completely free of chemical substances
  • no use of electronics
  • ideal for allergy sufferers
Stop Snore Clip

Stop Snore Clip test and quality characteristics

Stop Snore advertises on its website that its magnetic nose clip was the winner of the "Natural Healthcare Awards 2018" in 2018. The T10 HealthCare Awards 2018 justified this decision by saying that Stop Snore can be the perfect solution for anyone who snores at night. The combination of acupressure and magnetic therapy would help stop snoring. Therefore, it was ultimately named a "great device for all walk of life and ages".

Furthermore, Stop Snore itself promises the highest level of security on its website - which is especially important with regard to the payment process. Finally, confidential data will continue to be kept confidential. A number of different measures are intended to guarantee this at Stop Snore. Payment is basically possible by credit card and PayPal, which of course provides a little more security. Furthermore, the website has a McAfee SECURE Certificate. This means that the McAfee Secure site has been thoroughly tested and verified and is obviously free of malware, phishing attacks, viruses, or other malicious software.

Another not-to-be-missed quality feature is that the manufacturer gives a 30-day money-back guarantee on the anti-snoring clip. This means that you can return the magnetic nose clip within 30 days of your order without giving a reason and get your money back.

Stop Snore Clip Reviews

Due to its size and light weight, which is due to the silicone that makes up the magnetic nose clip, it's no wonder Stop Snore is so comfortable to wear. A buyer of the Anti Snore Clip even thinks he won't notice when he wears the magnetic nose clip because it's so incredibly light. At the same time - and this is of course the main argument for the magnetic nose clip - the snoring stopper widens the nostrils so that more air can be inhaled.

This also seems to be confirmed by some customer reviews. Most buyers are completely enthusiastic about the Anti Snoring Clip. One even reports that the snoring was already in the first night clearly quieter and less. Further the customers are inspired in the net by the prices. Especially because other anti-snoring products such as Nasal Strips would cost significantly more in the long run.

Where can I order Stop Snore Clip?

The Anti Snore Clip is available directly from the manufacturer Stop Snore to buy. The manufacturer operates a website on which orders can be placed. The operator promises a guaranteed secure checkout. This promise is based on the fact that you can pay with Visa and Mastercard as well as with PayPal.

The Stop Snore Clip is available in different bundles - five in total. Who buys directly on the website of the manufacturer, can be pleased about enormous discounts.

If you buy an Anti Schnarch Clip you can save 50% - in this case that's 49 US Dollars. The same applies to the purchase of two and four Stop Snore clips. Each time you save 50 percent.

There is also another discount promotion. If you choose the "bestseller", you only pay for two of the clips (+ 50 percent discount), but receive a total of three. That makes a saving of 90 US dollars. The "Best Value" set uses the same discount model. Here you pay a total of three clips, but receive five. That makes a total saving of 150 US dollars.

The delivery of the snorkel stoppers is basically free of charge. So all you really have to do is pay the Schnarch Stopper yourself.

Magnetic nose clips like the Anti Snoring Clip are also available on Amazon. However, these are not the original Stop Snore Clip.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Stop Snore

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