Global Warming

and what is causing it

What is global warming?

Global warming is caused by greenhouse effect. The natural greenhouse effect does not harm the earth, but humans have enhanced it by concentrating the gases it contains. The greenhouse gases are: carbon dioxide, methane, CFC, ozone and nitrous oxide. The greenhouse effect that is causing global warming is dangerous and is even capable of causing what some would call the end of the world.
The greenhouse gases prevent most of the sun's heat to leave the atmosphere after they have reached the earth. This is the process. The UV light from the sun travels to the earth, which absorbs some of the heat and allows some of it to bounce off. If there were the natural greenhouse effect, only a small amount of re-radiated heat bounce itself back to earth. Instead, now most of the re-radiated heat returns to the earth, increasing its temperature drastically.

The Effects of Global Warming

The increasing temperatures are causing many natural disasters all around the world. Some examples of these are droughts, melting ice caps and floods. Here they are in more detail.