4th Grade News

Mrs. Crain: November 16 - 20, 2015

Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Thursday, Nov. 19: Dodging for Diabetes (after school)
  • Wednesday - Friday, Nov. 25 - 27: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Thursday, Dec. 3: 2nd Quarter Progress Reports
  • Friday, Dec. 4: Chorus & Jazzy Jumpers performance at 4 Seasons Town Center

Absence Reminders

As we are entering the holiday season, along comes cold and flu season! We have not had a single day 2nd quarter where every student has been present. Please remember to send a written note or an email stating the reason your child was absent within three days upon return to school.

Since we are having so many absences, it is even more important for your child to request his or her make-up assignments upon returning to school. I try to leave any worksheets on the child's desk, but with 3-4 absences daily, plus numerous tardies and early dismissals, it is a lot to keep up with! Ultimately, your child is responsible for making up any missed work. I post missing work lists on a weekly basis, and encourage students to check these lists, record missing work in their agendas, and make arrangements with me to complete the work.

If an absence is planned or I know in advance, I can prepare work for your child to take home. Depending on the number of days absent, I can arrange for any missed tests to be taken early. For example, if your child will be absent on Tuesday, November 24 he or she can take Tuesday's math test on Monday.

Secret Phrase

Please write and sign the secret phrase in your child's agenda, email it to me, or send a separate note. Thank you!

"Gobble 'till ya Wobble!"

Math News

This week we will cover 4.OA.3 - muti-step problem solving. We have practiced solving word problems using all four operations, but not in the same problem! Word problems during this unit will require at least two operations to solve. We will continue the strategy of writing equations, and also practice drawing diagrams to solve problems. Students need to study the "problem solving key words" which they will have glued in their journals after Monday's class. Our test on this unit will be on Tuesday, November 24.

Don't forget C.U.B.E.S.!

Language Arts

On Friday, students learned how poetry is different from prose, and the structural elements in poems. This week, we will read several poems and practice finding the rhyme scheme - a pattern of rhyming words. We will also focus on how poets create mood and develop a theme in their poems. Lastly, we will review similes and metaphors. We will take a comprehension assessment on the poems read this week on Friday, November 16.

Students will have spelling words (with a test on Friday) and a reading response this week. Please don't forget to sign your child's reading response - it is worth ten points!

Social Studies

We will finish up our unit on Early North Carolina by exploring the backcountry. On Friday, we watched a video about Daniel Boone, a famous North Carolina pioneer who opened up the Great Wilderness Road (through the Cumberland Gap) into Kentucky. This week we will further explore the negative affects of settlement on the native people (Native Americans), and study North Carolina's role in the American Revolution.

We will receive information regarding our 2nd quarter Social Studies project - "My Family Heritage" which will be due before Christmas. Look for this information to come home by Wednesday!

Curriculum Resources

Similes and Metaphors

Yoga Balls Instead of Chairs?

**Click on the title to read the article.**

About 75% of the class has earned 100 Dojo points, and have switched their chairs for stability balls. In order to keep their yoga ball, students must agree to the following:

  1. Your bottom must stay on the ball if you choose to "bounce".
  2. No feet, knees, pencils, pens or scissors on yoga balls.
  3. Do not dribble your yoga ball.
  4. Do not throw or kick your yoga ball.
  5. Stay off of yoga balls not belonging to you.
  6. You must put your yoga ball on top of your desk when you leave.