AlphaTec Electric

Solve Your Electrical Issues Easily and More Conveniently

Welcome to At Alpha Tec Electric where you can get beneficial services and solutions to all of your electricity related problems. We all know that electricity has become the most used thing presently and without electricity, nothing will be able to operate.Our corporation was established in 1980s and now we have become one of the most trusted electrical companies throughout south and central Florida.We understand that electricity is a very tricky subject and it can cause severe damage to the live as well as the property of the people.

We have achieved number of milestones from the day of our beginning and are determined to keep doing it in the future as well. We have all the important information and knowledge about electricity that helps us in delivering the best solutions with complete expertise. Our company can offer you a wide range of distinct services such as Electric Installation and repair, Electrical Trouble shooting, solar panels, Indoor, LED, outdoor and landscape lighting, wiring and many more services.We specialize in solving a great deal of electrical issues conveniently. We have hired professional and hard working on field workers that workers will make sure that you get the best output every single time.

We’re CPAN certified and we are the leaders South Florida’s solar energy and automation system.The main motive behind the formation of our company is, ‘to offer expertise in electrical field.’We are determined to help out customers in any way possible and we have a 24 hours emergency service.