SUPER Weekly Agenda

September 19-23, 2016

2016-2017 Priorities

  • Quality Core Instruction
  • Effective Use of Data to Plan, Remediate, and Enrich
  • Movement with Purpose

Professional Development Plan Focus Areas

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Co-Teaching
  • Balanced Literacy
  • Mastery Learning
  • PLC
  • Action Based Learning
  • PBIS

Monthly Focus Areas

  • Have you created a class HOV? Have you created an HOV? Have students all created and shared their HOVs?
  • College Readiness: ​Discuss where you went to college with your students. Create a display of your college somewhere in your room. Discuss what year they will graduate from high school and then post a picture of your students with the graduation year. You might want to also post what the child would like to do in the future.
  • Cultural Competency: GET TO KNOW YOUR STUDENTS! Take extra time to build relationships with some of your more challenging students. This is the best strategy to help you with managing their behaviors.
  • Click HERE for helpful resources. At this point you should have a classroom house started and be teaching the lessons to support the weekly value. Remember to review, monitor, assess, and reinforce all expectations daily.

6-5-10 Data

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Mindplay Usage

Below is an explanation of Usage. Please keep us posted and let me know if you need anything at all!

How is Usage Calculated?

Thirty minutes on a timer will not guarantee 30 minutes of recorded usage. Only a student's actions in the program "trigger" the time stamp that is recorded. They must complete an action in order for the time to be noted. So for example, if a student is reading a FLRT story for 6 minutes, answers a few or almost all but not ALL, BUT logs out before completing the entire activity - THAT time will NOT be recorded. The activity was not competed so the time will not be recorded.

Here is an analogy that may help explain MVRC usage time: A teacher may see a student working on an assignment in class BUT the student does NOT turn in their work at the end of class. The teacher will not be able to grade what the students did until the work is handed in...even though she saw the student working! The student has to hand the assignment into the teacher's "desk" to get graded - in MVRC they have to click "NEXT" or "ENTER" to turn that assignment in for time stamping.

In most cases, students must hit the NEXT button or ENTER to "close" a session. It is best to warn students who are in the middle of a story or activity, to finish so they don't have to start over the next day –

So, although a 30 minute timer is a good idea in theory, it will not guarantee 30 minutes of usage to be recorded - some activities take longer to complete than others. If a student spends 3 minutes looking at the screen and doesn't hit NEXT before logging out - those 3 minutes will not be recorded.


Time is calculated from login to log out; however a student must have completed an “answer” or entry (clicked next) for the time to be calculated. If the student is in the middle of an activity or a test activity and does not complete it before exiting – the time willnot be recorded (i.e. natural fluency test, expected fluency test must completed through the questions). Only the time for a completed activity (ENTER, click NEXT) is recorded.

If a student exits through the browser and not through the program exit button, the time will automatically stop recording after 3 minutes. Only the time for the last completed activity will be calculated.

If a student “walks away“ and does not log out, the student will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes and only the timefor the last completed activity will be calculated.

ISS Expectations

We have moved ISS back into room 120. It was too chaotic for it to be housed in the office and did not look good when parents and community members were present. Please see the below expectations as we work to make this a more efficient and effective process.

  • Students are NOT to be sent to the office or ISS. Please call the office or text Ostler and an adult will come get them if necessary.
  • Please do not threaten to send a student to the office. We will avoid students ending up downstairs unless there are no other options.
  • If you need assistance with behavior call an admin cell phone or the office. Do not call Mrs. Gaines.
  • All students ending up in ISS for an office level referral must have a referral entered into eschool discipline.
  • We are moving to a gradual discipline system. Students will be assigned an appropriate amount of time by admin. This will range. Also, most long term ISS will become 1/2 day.
  • If a student is being suspended for a day and we are already part way through a day they may be sent back to class if the issue has been resolved and they are calm. This will depend on if they can be picked up by a parent.
  • The following instances will be automatic removal from a class by admin: directly cussing at a teacher where others can hear it, bullying, possession of illegal substance or weapon, fighting (this does not include horse-play), and stealing.
  • At no point will ISS be used for lack of completing work.
  • Please let me know if you have questions as we transition to making this space more useful.

Guided Math Expectations

  • Small group instruction by both teachers that is focused on skills students are lacking based on assessments given.
  • Some small groups will be working below grade level if needed.
  • Students are using zearn to support the work you are doing with Engage NY.
  • All students should be completing daily for fluency work.
  • Small groups are flexible and based on student need.
  • Math stations or independent work may be taking place as well and should be differentiated.

Guided Reading Expectations

  • Guided reading should be for the full hour. Please be there on time.
  • 2 Teachers should be teaching small groups and not just monitoring computer usage. This is flexible in kindergarten while we build computer fluency skills.
  • Lesson plans should be completed and accessible. For now I will just ask to see the plans when I visit guided reading groups.
  • Please remember that our school goal is focused on meeting time requirements with Achieve and Mindplay. Let's work to meet those goals!

Tier 3 Plan

**The plan is that students will be pulled to the lab every other day. While there, students will be on the Mindplay program. One adult will move around the room monitoring students on computers while the other 2 adults pull small guided reading groups.

Grade 3-6 Identified Critical on RAPS 360

Grade 3: 25 students

Grade 4: 17 students

Grade 5: 37 students

(Some of the lowest grade 5 students will be pulled with the grade 4 group)

Grade 6: 31 students – Monday/Wednesday/Every other Friday

Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Every Other Friday:

3rd Grade

6th Grade

Mondays/Thursdays/Every Other Friday:

4th Grade

5th Grade

T3 Teams:

Upstairs Lab (Grades 5 and 6): Sitzman, Sped, Carroll

Downstairs Lab (Grades 3 and 4): Ventura, Greer, Sellers

This process will start next week. Students will start Mindplay and assessments can be given as needed.

Grade 5 students who will join the grade 4 group.

  • Sirius Brooks
  • Johnathan Edgecomb
  • Arleth Soto-Cervantes
  • Antonio Walker
  • Emmanuel Guerrero
  • Sergio Flores-Chimalpopoca
  • Roy Flores
  • Valeria Torres
  • Lesley Torres

Election Curriculum

Teachers, by state law we have to provide election curriculum to students. Ryan is working on helping us create a mock election. He recently attended training and has information for us. For now please go to the website listed below and get your class registered. This is an all IPS event! You can also find a lot of resources here to use within your classroom. Please make sure your class is registered before September 23. The mock election will be held on November 7. It should be fun for students to vote and see if their candidate is selected.
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  • Thank you to those of you who willingly stood in the rain to keep students safe at today's dismissal!!!!
  • Welcome Giorgia Stewart, born August 31 at 8 pounds 5 oz. and 21 inches long!! Congratulations Mrs. Stewart!!
  • September Birthdays!! Kate Sitzman and Carly Hogarth!!
  • We completed our school autonomy interview this Wednesday and we felt that it went very well! Thank you to Mrs. Cole, Ms. Burt, Mr. Showalter, and Mrs. Garcia for representing our school so well!
  • Way to go Mrs. Cunningham on getting our PIT day schedule going and almost finished!!
  • Thank you Mr. Ventura for helping us seek translators for PIT and developing a method for putting the schedules together!!
  • Welcome Ms. Martinez and Mrs. Bandy to the SUPER team!!
  • Thank you Mrs. Huckaba for working out all technology needs and issues within the building!! You have been awesome with this!
  • Thank you Mr. Dale and Mr. Stubbs for picking up the slack while we have been short handed in custodial!


  • We cannot sacrifice safety for convenience. Today I saw students running to the bus while some teachers stood at the door to stay dry. This is unacceptable. We have to commit to the work even in the tough times as a team. Please bring rain coats, boots, and umbrellas so that you are prepared in the future.
  • Please remember that all students should be finished at lockers by 3:35 for announcements. When teachers are late with dismissal it disturbs our entire dismissal.
  • The last goal training/help with goals for evaluation will be held on PIT day from 12:30-1:00. If you did not make it to PLC this week or you have further questions please plan to attend.
  • Please do not use other teachers' claimed materials/books in the book rooms. Many teachers may have notes or place holders in books and this disrupts their system.
  • All PLC meetings need to take place on Thursday this week. I need to go over ethical testing with everyone. EVERYONE should plan to attend a PLC meeting on Thursday. Every meeting will contain the same content.
  • Please also remember that no students should be at lockers during morning announcements. We need to make sure students understand that this is an important part of our day. Please also remember that ALL support teachers should be in classrooms participating in this time of day with students.
  • All hall displays should be presentable, display rigorous work, and have standards posted. These are to be changed out at the beginning of each month. Please also make sure student work is displayed within your room as well.
  • In my staffing update I forgot to mention that Mr. Stokes will not be returning to SUPER School. We will be looking to hire a new custodian.
  • Remember that there are no more than 2 personal days that will be granted on a given day. Please know that Fridays are the day most people want for personal days. Please look far in advance and know that no more than 2 can be granted on a day.
  • Students are never to have a staff badge and students are never to walk in or out of the building from recess or recycling etc. without an adult.

Get Healthy!!

Morning Movement: Ostler's Movement Crew

Monthly Fit Focus: Go Foods - foods lowest in fat and added sugar (see agenda books)

Activity Challenge: With a partner identify GO foods you like to eat

5 Star Family Challenge: TBA