Mrs. Broadnax's Bulletin

October 28, 2013

Language Arts


How do I make inferences about a story? How do I use evidence to back up my inferences? How can different points of view of the same event change our feelings and thoughts about the event? How do I analyze a character? How can a character be persuasive and how does this affect the other characters?


How do I write an informational piece?

Craft lessons- Putting voice into an informational piece and bringing your reader into your writing.


How do I use commas in a series? How do I use commas in compound sentences? What are conjunctions?









Word Study

Greek and Latin Roots - com/col= with, together

collide- slide together

collect- gather together

combine- put things together

compete- to play with others in a game or sport

compress- press together



How do I multiply 1 digit numbers by 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers? How do I find partial products? How do I use the distributive property to multiply? How do I make models of multiplication sentences?

We will be using many different strategies to learn multiplication of larger numbers. Please remember that there is not only one correct way. Students are excited to teach you the new strategies they are learning. Let them teach YOU!

Students need to study their multiplication facts nightly. Thanks!


Solar System

*Compare and contrast stars, star patterns, and planets.

*Model the position and motion of the earth and the phases of the moon.

*Understand how the earth’s rotation and position affect the seasons and day and night.

Social Studies


What are characteristics of explorers? What were obstacles that they faced? How do the explorers compare with one another?

Famous explorers- John Cabot, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leon, Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier

Test- Tuesday, Nov. 5

Upcoming Tests

Social Studies- Explorers - Tentative date- Tuesday, November 5th

Grammar- Comma Usage - Friday, November 15th.

Classroom News

Our Upcoming Field Trip

Our field trip to Stone Mountain is Friday, November 1st. If you volunteered to be a chaperone, I have emailed you. If you volunteered but did not receive an email, please let me know.

Students need to wear comfortable shoes since we will be doing quite a bit of walking. They also need to bring a snack and a bottle of water (disposable would be the lightest for the chaperone to carry). We will eat lunch when we return to school. If you marked that your child would be bringing a lunch, please don't forget to pack them a lunch. It will be after lunchtime when we return, and we won't be able to order a lunch.

Please don't send money with your student. We will not have time to purchase trinkets.

Please keep an eye on the weather so your child is dressed appropriately. Right now the forecast is 60% chance of rain and 66 degrees Fahrenheit as far as the temperature. My fingers are crossed that it won't rain, since it's outside, but we will still plan to go if it is raining.

PE Days



Important Dates

October 28- Nov. 1 Red Ribbon Week

Monday- Wear Red

Tuesday- Silly Socks

Wednesday- Wear a tie

Thursday- Wear clothes backwards

Friday- Wear a hat

Tuesday, November 5- Lunch in our rooms (Election Day); Buck's Pizza Night

Thursday, November 7- Math Night 6:30-7:30