The title of the poem is ''Dream''


The poem might just be about his dreams and having dreams about your life the future.

P~ Paraphase

The poet is righting about how you should never forget your dreams because, they can help you in life and change your life without you even knowing.

C~ Connotation

''For if dreams die'' it means that dreams are meant to be kept and never forgotten

A~ Attitude

The writers tone made the poem feel serious when he talked about ''dreams can only go so far ''and ''dreams can die''.

S~ Shift

there are no shifts in this poem he talks about holding on to dreams.

T~ Title

Before i read the poem i thought it was just about dreams but, later after reading it i learned much more then that. that without your dreams you are not as dream worthy.

T~ Theme

The poem is about dreams and were they can take you and without them you will are not a dreamer. The writer is trying to say is that you need dreams in your life to show your creativity and imagination.