Videotape Recorder

By Kira Newton and Kelly Langford

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What Made It So Popular?

The videotape recorder (VTR) was invented in March of 1956 by Charles Ginsburg. They were sold by Ampex (an American company located in California). The first one sold for $50,000. The recorded programs could be edited, so they started to replace most live broadcasts. CBS was the first television network to use the 2 inch quad videotape. They were looked up to so highly that even the military used these in various vehicles and aircraft because it could accurately record high-frequency signals, and was an advantage for signals intelligence applications. Because the VTR could be transported easier, had higher quality, was faster, and cheaper to use than prior video tape recorders, it rose in popularity rather quickly.

What Effect Did It Have On Society?

Ginsburgs invention gave people the opportunity to create independent films for entertainment and profit. Before he invented the quadruplex video tape recorder, video tape recorders were nonportable. They were bigger than a full grown man and hard to manage. With the portable VTR, a video business was created. It completely changed the broadcasting and program productions, bringing it to new heights in American society.
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Turning Point in America

The video tape recorder was a turning point in America because it gave film producers a new advantage since it was small enough to transport from one place to another. After it's creation the mass production of film making rose significantly. Motion pictures play a large role in America today, and withouth Ginsburg's help who knows how long it would have taken for us to get to the point we are at now in such technology. The VTR's structure also led to the invention of the VCR, which made America hundreds of thousands of dollars.