Summative #1

Big Ideas!

Have you ever wondered why we rely so much on other countries? Why do all your things at home say made in China? Well that's because without these other countries help, the United States would not be able to produce almost anything that you own. Other countries like China and Columbia have the machinery that we need to produce things like clothes. By asking other countries for their help, we are helping them by paying them and this makes living conditions much, much better for them.

How is your shirt made?

Watch as a shirt was made starting from the picking of the cotton all the way to printing decals on them and sold!

How can Globalization effect us negatively?

Globalization isn't always rainbow and sunny days. We interact with other countries so often and we visit other places for vacations but what happens when someone gets sick and brings the decease back to the United States. Ebola? The Zika Virus? They're trying to continue on with the Olympics even though there is a sickness that is effecting pregnancies, which ultimately, effects the future of the world.The children.

How does Globalization & Geography effect where you live?

Have you ever thought about why you live where you do? Well maybe it's because of the weather? Location? Moved from your home country? All of this depends on what's going on around you. But why would you move from China to Florida and live on the beach? Or Why would you move from Brazil to California 20 minutes from Hollywood? We move to where thing will be in our best interest. we want to live where we have comfortable weather and fun places to visit only a hop in a skip away. We move places to make our lives easier. This creates places like Las Vagas, Florida, California, ect. to be very well know and places like New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont to be easily forgotten.

Pros & Cons

As previously stated, there are some ups and downs with Globalization {Pros & Cons}

I bet you want to know them right?


  • Globalization helps the United States produce the goods that we don't have the technology or machinery to make.
  • Globalization helps other countries make money as well. When we ask poor countries like Columbia or Bangladash to help us make our clothes, ect. we pay them to do that. Currency is much different in other countries but by giving them X amount of dollars to do this for us, we're slowly helping the living conditions and making their lives much easier.


  • BY asking other countries to help us do the things we are too lazy to even try to do, we're basically taking advantage of these other countries who are vulnerable to wanna help and receive the money for it.
  • When other countries have deceases like Ebola or Zika for example, and we visit them, we've just put ourselves in a dangerous position and if we return to our home countries with these illnesses we've now put the rest of the country in danger as well.

Lets track some more items!

4 Categories of Globalization

1. Technology
  • Technology comes into play with globalization when the men and women put the products threw mechinery.
  • Technology is also used when the men and women load the products onto Boats, Planes, Ships, ect.
  • Technology is also important because when people order things online and they have to be shipped from the factory, to the store, then the customers front door. Or when the manufacturing companies need to email the production factory's for them to send more products over.

2. Economics
  • Economics come into play when we sells the products.
  • By paying other countries to make the products for us, we're helping their economy as well.

3. Environment
  • Environment comes into play when the farmers pick the cotton for your shirts or we are using the natural resources the land provides for us to make a product
  • The environment can be ruined by all the waste being poured into rivers or all the gas and smoke being pooled into the air from all the machines.

4. Culture
  • Culture is a large part of Globalization because this kinda ties into economics. Some countries are really poor so by paying them to do our work, we're making living conditions better and changing the way they live.
  • Culture also come into play when their country is dirty or has an incurable disease that can spread to tourist when they visit. For example, the Zika Virus. The olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro and the Zika virus is a grave a danger for people in the country so visitors will come, receive the virus, then return to their home country and now have spread the virus around the world and infected so many people.

How does Globalization relate YOU & I?

Globalization is our life basically. The food we eat. The clothes we wear. The jobs we work. The smart phones we use. All of it is Globalization. You could pick up your phone right now and message someone from Australia and think nothing of it. When you and your friends are having a sleep over and you decide to order Chinese food, that's a huge cultural change. When you go to a state fair and blow all that money on silly things, that money goes back into the community. In the summer time, when you go camping and you cut down trees for fire wood, you're effecting the environment and you don't even realize it. Globalization isn't only from large manufacturing companies. Globalization is our entire life.