Center Director News

December 4, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!

Monthly Paperwork

All paperwork from staff needs to be at the main office by December 23. Please remind the cooks that they need to submit their black menu books with their paperwork.

Reinhart Order

There will not be a Reinhart Order the week of the 22nd. Julian is off the week of 29th but will place a Reinhart Order that Monday if needed.


All children's charts need to be brought to the main office no later than the afternoon of December 23. You may bring them early if you want, but they must be here by that date.


As stated before, no leave will be granted until the second home visits have occurred. However, four (4) hours of leave will be granted on December 24 only.

Accident Reports

Please remind all of your staff of the following:

Accident reports must be completed, this includes the documentation that the parent was contacted in the first section. It is strongly recommended that the second signature be from the parent/guardian and not another staff member. If this continues to be an issue it will be made mandatory that the second signature be a parent or guardian.

Accidents must be called to the Health and Safety Coordinator (Julian) within 24 hours of occurrence. If it is a major accident then you call whoever is available in the main office. This is all in the Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and the advocates should have a copy of this, if not, one may be provided to you.

Sending a Child Home

If you must send a child home for behavior issues, you must notify Robin or Julian as soon as possible.

If you are sending a child home for illness, please notify Julian by the end of the day.

If any other reason arise that a child must be sent home, please notify the main office first.

Safety Notice

When any floor is mopped at our centers while children and adults are still entering and leaving the building there must be some type of caution sign visible. If your facility does not have an adequate amount of signs, please contact Robin as soon as possible, so that some more may be provided to you.

You should also have signs places when there is a spill or any other potential fall hazard.