Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

Haylee Olms

Main Characters

The main characters were Jacob Gutgel, Alex Roslans, and Mela Roslans Jacob lived in a ghetto with his aunt and his grandmother. Alex Roslans would risk his life to help Jacob escape from the ghetto and hide him from the Nazis. ALex and his wife Mela took Jacob into their life and changed his name to the polish name Genyek. Genyek would live a life of hiding with Alex and his wife and their kids.

Story Plot

This story took place during the Holocaust in 1942. The Holocaust was a scary time and a dangerous time especially if you were Jewish. Alex saved Jacobs life by letting him live with him and Alex wold do anything to keep him safe and healthy. Any person who would save and hid a Jew would be risking their own life an the life of their family. However not many Jews would be lucky enough to be saved and would be sent to a concentration camp and eventually worked to death or killed.
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Alex risked his life to save a jew that was endangered and helpless. Alex and Mela didn't want to be awarded for what they had done, having Jacob in their life was a great enough of a award. They knew it was the right thing to do so they didn't want to be rewarded. They first brought Jacob into their home to live with them. Then Jacob got sick and Alex risked his life to sneak Jacob into the doctors. Alex also took in Jacobs brother David to live with them.
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"I promise you'll be safe with me"

Jacob said that these words felt like an embrace to him. This Quote shows that with everything that is going on the slightest comfort can go a long way. Everyone was so scared with what was happening in the world that a few words could mean so much.
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This book really shows how dangerous and scary the holocaust was. It gets the point across about how someone who hid a Jew was a hero. It is a really touching book that i think everyone should get the chance to read.