Civil War Smore

A List of Requirements

Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will choose 2 events from the list below to create a Smore newsletter about. You will also choose 1 person to create a biography section about in your newsletter. Be sure to review the grading rubric below or in the "Rubric" section of the Civil War Project Website.

A List of Topics

(Remember you MUST choose two of the topics below to write about in your Smore.)

- The Battle of Gettysburg

- The Emancipation Proclamation

- The Battle of Bull Run

- Fort Sumter

- The Battle of Vicksburg

(In addition, you MUST choose 1 of the people below to create a brief biography about. This biography should be included in the Smore newsletter.)

- Abraham Lincoln

- Jefferson Davis

- Ulysses Grant

- Robert E. Lee