Integumentary system

Jackson harycki, period 1

Five system functions

1: It protects the body's internal living tissue.

2: Protects against invasion by infectious organisms.

3: Protects the body from dehydration.

4: Protects the body against changes in temperature.

5: Protects the body from sunburn.

3 ailments of this system

1: acne- It is caused by a mixture of oil and cells that allows bacteria to grow in the plugged follicles. Symptoms include white dots on your face. There are multiple ways to get rid of acne which mainly include creams the you can spread across your face where the acne is.

2: Athletes foot- Is a fungus that can multiply across your skin and especially on your foot. It mainly grows in dark moist places so your foot is a perfect place for it to grow. Some ways to avoid athletes foot are to keep your feet clean and dry, wear shoes or sandles to allow your feet to breath, change your socks twice a day and dry your toes after swimming or bathing. If you happen to get athletes foot then there are multiple nonprescription meds to use.

3: contact dermatitis- Is characterized by redness, swelling and itching. It is caused by allergic substances that make contact with the skin. In order to avoid this wear long sleeves when you are outside in the woods to avoid poison ivy or other poisoned plants. If you happen to get this disease and you know what caused it be sure not to touch it. And be sure to wash your skin with mild soap and water as soon as you can when the rash gets small enough put some hydrocortisone cream.

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Systems organ tissues

1:skin- is the largest organ and has many functions and layers.

2:epidermis- epithelial cells with no blood.

3:dermis- true skin made of connective tissue and is vascular

4:hypodermis- Attaches integument to muscle.