Phillips Friday Focus

March 18, 2016

Off and running...

Wow, we started back full speed ahead. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and getting to it this week. So many filled in and helped where there was a need with Telpas testing , tutoring, lunch duty, and dismissal. One more week of instruction until our first STAAR test. Next week we will finish up Telpas and have our last break until summer on Friday. :)

What's Ahead...

March 21-3rd grade Telpas Test

March 22-Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (a few students will be pulled)

March 24- Telpas writing samples due/4th grade Writing Superhero camp

March 25- Good Friday Holiday/Bad weather day :)

March 29-4th grade Writing STAAR, Third grade Cogat testing/luncheon in lounge

April 1- 4th grade Math planning

April 4- 3rd grade Math planning

April 5- Guided Reading Training-1/2 day, 4th in morning, 3rd in afternoon

April 6- SST meetings

April 7- 3rd grade ELAR planning, Team E Field Trip

April 8- End of 5th six weeks

April 12- 4th ELAR planning

April 15 Teacher self report (parts 2 and 3 due), 3rd grade Awards

April 18-4th grade Awards

April 19-21- 4th grade Science Fair

April 22-NED Show at 1:30