Read about Mesopotamia


1. Mesopotamia is located in the Fertile Crescent. The two river made up the Mesopotamia is Euphrates and Tigris.

3. It is very wet and cold.

4. Between the Syria and Iran

5.The miles between Elm City and Mesopotamia is 2074.90

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Fact about Historian

  1. Syria turkey Iran Arabic Syriac
  2. Urban revolution

New political and military structure

Social structure base on economic power

The development of complex technology

Development of writing

New forms of artistic and cultural activity

3. You might get hurt or kill.

4. If any one is to robbery and is cause then he shall be put to death

If any buy cattle or sheep which the king has chieftain from him he loses his money

If the cultivator do not plant or sesame in the field the debtors contract is not weakened

If a sister of a god open a tavern or enter a tavern to drink then shall this women be burned to death.

If an inn keeper furnish sixty Ka of usukani drink to ... She receive fifty Ka of corn at the harvest

5. Thousand of years ago they created a story according to the story Gilgamesh was not a hero. He was a superhero. He was good part to human and god. He had many special power.a long time ago king Gilgamesh sat along in his garden thinking thing over in his head. He knew he could was strong enough to go to the deepest part of the sea and coming in one breath. He can win any thing. Gilgamesh was bored. He nothing to do except scare his subjects silly.


1.) they are able to build houses, hunt for their food, and cook the food they hunt for.

2.) When mineral salts concentrate in the upper levels of the soil, because poisonous from plants

3.) Normally people ate two meals a day, except for the rich, mostly people ate unleavened bread, and drank beer

4.) they did not have homes because they were constantly looking for food

5.) Remember, you must try to farm all of your fields at once to get the greatest harvest. At different times of the year, you will see the local water controller direct water to the irrigation ditch next to your field.


Location in the city of Babylon. Built around 600 BC. Function royal gardens. Destroyed by earthquake in 2nd century BC. Made of mud brick waterproof with lead.